Practically American

Canadian thanksgiving is great, usually mild weather, turkey, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie… But, there’s always been something intriguing about American Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s the massive parades or the four day weekend, but it feels like a bigger deal than in the great white north. I’ve wanted to experience one for a while, at least 12 years, going back to when my bestie and I first became friends and chatted on the phone while she made perfectly sized bread cubes for the stuffing.

The problem with a Thursday holiday, when you’re Canadian, is that it’s hard to coordinate the travel and time off. I’m not one of those people with a plethora of vacation days. So, when the opportunity finally arose to celebrate with my US peeps I wasn’t going to miss it.

As a bonus, we got to celebrate at my besties place in downtown Detroit, which meant a prime view of America’s second oldest thanksgiving parade from the comfort of her living room. I don’t have a great desire to camp out on the sidewalk (in general or for a parade) but I am totally down with eating bacon and eggs while looking down on awesome marching bands and seeing the characters at eye level.



I did pop out for a second when we took Maddie, the dog, out and was subsequently pelted by clowns throwing Mardi Gras beads. Good thing I don’t have a clown phobia or we’d have a problem.

Appetizers, including a dairy-free version of my warm spinach dip, while we chatted and watched football ( Go Lions!).

Hanging out with J, her parents (whom I claim as my American parents) and cuddling Maddie was a perfect way to spend the day!

And then it was turkey time! Hey-oooo! Growing up my big-fat-Canadian thanksgiving usually had turkey, cranberry sauce, mom’s sweet potato mash (no marshmallows), roasted potatoes and veggies. So, I was excited to sit down to, what I think of, as the American version; turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing and green bean casserole (beans+gravy for me bc dairy).

J was awesome and made separate dairy free versions of the gravy, mashed potatoes and aforementioned green beans. Everything was so delicious, I even super enjoyed the gravy (Whole Foods 365 brand, vegan mushroom gravy) which isn’t normally my thing, I’m glad J insisted on getting some for me!

After rolling out of my chair and trying not to doze in the living room I found some room for Apple crisp and (almond dream) ice cream.

IMG_1949.JPGHot tip, J used oil on the topping, instead of butter, to easily make it dairy free!

And so ends my first American Thanksgiving! Stuffing and gravy and football, oh my! I just might me a little more American now.


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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2 Responses to Practically American

  1. Sue Huff says:

    You are officially an honorary American. I am proud to be part of your American parents! Can’t wait ’til Christmas.

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