Thankful for…

Friends have been asking if I was going to keep blogging and my immediate response is surprise. I know people, other than my besties, read this neglected corner of the internet but for them to bring it up independently is a fun surprise. After I get over myself, my answer is generally that I have a serious and steady blogging relationship with my email. I’ve written numerous posts, emailed them to myself, and never posted them – my email account has been on the receiving end of some delicious “recipes”, maybe someday I’ll share.

Until then, in honor (<—intentional ‘murican spelling) of FINALLY being in the USA for American Thanksgiving, I give you a list of what I’m loving lately. One could even say I’m thankful for these items, especially the dairy-free items that fill the dairy cow shaped hole in my heart (thanks for nothing genetics).

Candy Cane Pretzel Flats


THANK YOU for this gloriously perfect snack Whole Foods.

Amy Poehlers’ Yes, Please


‘nuff said. Go read (first, more below, and then her book). It’s apropos that I’m posting this on Wednesday because she’s a total #WCW. So pumped to be her when I grow up.


Gluten free waffles


You have likely heard me cry over dairy, a lot. I’d apologize but you can eat it and I can’t, so there’s that. You have also likely heard me poke fun at gluten free bandwagoners (y’all with a legit issue/celiac, I am not talking to you, that sucks). Well, I am temporarily suspending my mocking to thank gluten free waffles for also being dairy-free, because sometimes a girl just needs a waffle… particularly as a vessel for ice cream or bread replacement.  


So, until a dood wants to make me some of that ish from scratch (while also making a killer nut-milk latte, with hearts in the foam, no I am not unreasonable lol), these waffles will do just fine. Actually, on second thought, I’d rather spend time with the aforementioned dood so I’ll stick with the frozen variety indefinitely. Thank you bandwagoners!

Bonus points if you know why that one had to follow Amy.


The Fall


A brilliant British series, just starting it’s second season in the UK, featuring Gillian Anderson as a detective and Jamie Dornan as a serial killer. The first season is only 5 episodes (90 minutes each) and available on both US and Canadian netflix. It is so well done, and not a huge time commitment, so please bingewatch today and join us in feeling weirdly attracted to Jamie’s character. I mean, he’s a serial killer, sure, but sexual magnetism for days. He’s also the lead in 50 Shades but he looks so much better here with facial hair, and don’t worry, he really can act (brilliantly at that). 

This is what you get when you attempt to google a shirtless picture of him from the show… Not that I know anyone who would do that.


And because gratuitous… Also, some people(possibly him) say his eyes are grey, they are blue. I have a thing for blue eyes so I know, though I will concede to grey-blue and possibly projecting my preferences.


Season 2 is also currently airing Friday nights in Canada, not sure about the US. You’re welcome in advance.

OCHO Coconut chocolate bar


Fulfilling my cravings for a Bounty bar since 2014, they’re legit good, not just ‘good for being dairy free’. I first found these at a Whole Foods in LA but recently spotted them at a Meijer in Michigan and a specialty vegan bakery in Toronto. If you can’t have dairy watch out for this brands other flavours, they have dairy.

Crunchy Sunbutter


Who doesn’t love salty, crunchy and delicious? I like to make this a “low carb” snack and just eat it off a spoon or fork (you will inevitably run out of spoons). I’m kidding about the low-carb-ness (give me all the carbs) but not about running out of spoons. I recommend one jar per week (also not a joke).

Earth Balance Mac n Cheese


Dairy-free comfort food.

Coconut milk yogurt 


Soy yogurt just isn’t great and almond yogurt is heinous but this stuff is legit. No, it’s not the “real” stuff but it’s a pretty great stand-in if you need one. I like the fruit and chocolate flavours but the vanilla was only okay. Heads up that it’s pretty tangy, almost like greek yogurt.

Chocolate coconut water


Yes, I derided friends for this one. Yes, I feel like a hypocritical jerk when I drink it, but it’s freaking delicious! Can’t stop, won’t stop.


And that’s all she wrote… because she has to go walk of 1/80th of the dairy free pizza (thanks Whole Foods) she nommed last night, for no other reason than to make room for tomorrow’s perfectly sized bread cubes (bestie joke). And, truthfully, because I also want to make sure I fit into my outfit for tomorrow. CAN’T WAIT!



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I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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