Say it with food.

One of the things my yiayia (grandma) always used to tell me was “whatever you want, everything you want”. From foot rubs to peeling me grapes and removing all the white pith from each clementine piece before hand feeding me, she was always demonstrating that she’d do anything for me (even if it involved stinky feet). Well, except for “letting” me win at cards, I earned those victories fair and square.

The summer after my 16th birthday was spent in Greece, where my grandmother summered for a number of years. Our family had a home there, but my only other visit had been 8 years earlier, so I was excited to spend a glorious 6 weeks in the sun with my favourite girl, the cutest little lady in any room.

Every morning she would make the rounds in town (market, fish monger, butcher) with her brother and then we’d have breakfast before she started (or continued) cooking for the day. And every. single. day. she made me a fresh plate of calamari. She was an amazing cook; turning out delectable pans of fish, beans (fasolakia), meat, and traditional greek dishes, but her granddaughter was obsessed so she made calamari too. Served with a Village salad made of  tomato & cucumber from next door, olive oil from the trees surrounding the house, and feta (because it makes it beta *wink*) life could not get more perfect. Well, until it was time to hit one of the beautiful beaches in the afternoon.

There’s no doubt I enjoyed beach hopping and going out to the town square every night. I was the perfect age to enjoy and appreciate what a gift I was being given… I mean, midnight gyros!! But when I look back it’s not the beach that made that time so perfect, it’s the time we spent around the table at home, just the two of us, that has stayed with me. Is it any wonder food is one of my love languages? That I get the same pleasure from sharing food with people I care about? Most importantly, is it a surprise I teared up (that’s a whole lot of emotion for me) in the middle of Meijer when I saw my favourite seasonal popcorn was out but contains dairy? Or that I am mourning candy cane oreos that are evidently extinct? No, it certainly is not.

So maybe there aren’t candy cane oreos in my future*, and I haven’t been home in weeks, but this month has been straight up delicious and it feels like I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

Finally, if you’re just here for the food porn, here’s a pic from one of my favourite Detroit eateries, Green Dot Stables – $3 pints and incredible sliders $2-3/each. You won’t be sorry if you order the fried chicken (always) or the BCT.


If you are a fan of epic times then order the truffle fries, find out what the mystery meat is, and add bacon to the dessert slider (secret menu trick revealed). Boom.

Stay kind. Eat well.


*In the interest of full disclosure, there could technically be candy cane oreos in my future… Some people curate a wine collection, I have a limited edition oreo stash. It’s okay to be jealous.



About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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