What I’m loving lately

I haven’t really talked about my knee injury much because who cares? But I’ve been in a bit of a funk since I hurt my “good” knee during a particularly aggressive softball game. No, that’s not an oxy-moron, my competitive team is fierce! As a result of lots sprinting, with jerky stops and starts on a crappy field, I hyper-extended my knee and have been dealing with acute tendonitis and Hoffa’s Syndrome ever since. I learned pretty quickly that combination of injuries is really painful and doesn’t just go away with rest, ice and Aleve. Thumbs down.

Knee injuries are a sore spot for me (literally and figuratively). 10 years ago I had knee surgery on my other knee, afterward I was told the damage was more severe than expected and I needed to quit skating or I would end up with a knee reconstruction. Since I like being able to walk I quit skating and wasn’t able to participate in any sports for years. So even a decade later knee injuries still throw me for a loop and I needed some time to be upset about it.

I also needed to find something that would reduce the pain. It’s hard to move past something that’s constantly reminding you of its presence. I’m foam rolling and doing physio but it was the anti-inflammatory cream, prescribed by my sports medicine doctor, that helped me turn that frown upside down. I was pretty skeptical that this cream was just an $80 prescription version of bengay but it’s been great at taking the edge off the pain, which makes this girl mucho happy!

You don’t realize just how crappy (and cranky) a month of constant pain makes you feel until you’re living with it. So yay Pennsaid, I – and everyone who’s had to put up with me – thanks you. You also go at the top of the ‘things I’m loving lately’ list.


Other things I’m loving lately are…

Iced Coffee (cold brewed)


Yummy weekend breakfasts…Chobani and waffles


Cakepops – because sometimes eating your feelings in the form of 2 cake pops is okay (just as long as you don’t keep eating and eating)


Relaxing at the beach.


These girls making my 29th birthday a blast. Honorable mention to The Gladstone Hotel Bar and their 50’s/60’s night party.


Free tickets to the ballet from the principal dancer performing the title role. Thank you Guillaume (and twitter).


Hope you’re all having a happy Friday, filled with lots of things you love!


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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