Softball Season–in swing!

Our first softball game of the season was last week! After a weekend of beautiful weather it was grey and stormy-looking all day. Luckily the rain held off and we were warm as long as we kept moving.


The only mishap was when I tried to stop a ball with my face. Oops. My chin and teeth hurt a bit but it was mostly my pride that took a beating. I blame the mishap on being asked if I’ve ever been hit during a game while we were warming up. The answer is now yes.

Luckily the rest of my fielding and hitting = redemption, as my teammates put it, and I only have a little goose egg and a couple scratches – no bruise! This is miles better than the time I got smoked on the side of my eye and bled through a beach towel.

My legs on the other hand? They felt like lead and I’m so slow now that I haven’t run since last summer. Le sigh. Stupid hip flexor.

The weather turned on us at our next game two days later. The fields were soaked and muddy from monsoon-like rain we had all afternoon and then we were blasted with freezing cold rain intermittently while we played. That was thrilling and it’s pretty certain the socks from that game are going in the trash, when I can bare to pick the out of the trunk.

We had fantastic weather for this weeks game, though 2 hours of the sun in my eyes wasn’t my favorite thing (do I sound like goldilocks yet?). I zumba-ed before the game and my knee didn’t feel right. I thought I’d bruised it the week before but jumping around in class made me realize this was more than a bruise, my knee was swollen and there was no cushion for my kneecap. Um. F*ck. I played the game alright, though I was relived when I smoked the ball in the last inning and the right fielder jumped and managed to catch it so I didn’t have to run the bases.

Anyway, I’m now resting and icing what is my “good” knee and hoping for the best. This means no softball tournament this weekend, which is so disappointing, but hopefully my knee will miraculously heal and my head can remain in the sand.

^ This is what it looks like when your head’s in the sand. What injury?

Happy weekend everyone!


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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