Good Friends Reunited–NYC Day 1

When we booked our DC trip it never occurred to me just how close I’d be to NYC. Thankfully my fantastic friends alerted me I would be in the area and suggested I come visit. After verifying they weren’t off their rockers and that NYC really was nearby the pilgrimage to the city was as good as done.

NYC is one of my favourite place to visit, for any reason, but this trip was extra awesome because I was staying with my friend DD. She’s one of the most amazing people I know; totally brilliant and endlessly kind. In short, I want to be her when I grow up.

We didn’t meet up on my trips to NYC last summer because she was on bed rest at their vacation home (incubating adorable twin girls) so I was ecstatic to see her smiling face when I exited the train. The irony is that I got off the train slightly disheveled, after an early wake-up call, and D was perfectly put together despite her young twinadoes. #unsurprising #newyorker

We cuddled the kidlets, I freshened up and then it was time to shop, destination: SOHO.


DD indulged me and let me navigate us around the city, which I managed to do without a map or getting lost. HOLLER where’s my prize? Oh noes, no prize for my ridonkulous pride? Oh well, so not sorry.


I love being in NYC! Original, I know.


I tried but didn’t find anything to blow $$$ on in SOHO, though wandering through C Wonder is always a treat. No matter, I knew I’d find plenty at the Trader Joes in Union Square. What I didn’t know was just how packed grocery stores are on Sunday nights. The line literally snaked around the entire store and two employees were holding signs to indicate the end of the line. Um, what?! D assured me the line moved quickly and to get my shop on. She was right and I did. Ohhh sunbutter, I love you.

We tried Whole Foods next but I couldn’t stomach more line-ups so we left (you’re welcome bank account) and went directly to cocktail time with other local friends. After a few round we stepped out to pick-up Lombardi’s pizza for dinner and found ourselves in the middle of a monsoon. Talk about rain on my parade.

Before declaring defeat we grabbed an assortment of Baked by Melissa cupcake bites then retreated home.


We arrived completely soaked to find pizza and cannoli’s waiting for us, D’s husband is the best!! Also, pizza places deliver CANNOLI’s too? Why don’t they do that in Toronto?!!

We stayed up late into the night cuddling the kidlets and drinking skinnygirl margarita’s while we watched Storage Wars and Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. #bliss

Oh and the mini cupcakes were pretty excellent too.


Their small size means you can try a few flavours. Love it.


Next up, NYC day 2!


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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