Yummy but not so sweet – DC Day 4 part 2

After our supremely delicious lunch at Zatynia we had a few more sights we wanted to check off the list. We managed to fit in the Vietnam memorial, National Library, Supreme Court and Capitol before the sun set.




Go team hardcore. When can we be in the Amazing Race?

Surrounded by cherry blossoms, with 2.5 rows of columns in front, the Supreme Court is my favourite building in DC. IMG_0448

The rows of steps invite you to sit and overlook the Capital but they’re also duplicitous – seeming to make you work hard just to reach the door, and justice, if you can make it to the top. Clever.




On our last night in DC we decided to return to Sweet Greens for a light dinner. On the way we stopped into Sweet Lobby, in the Eastern Market area. A winner of Cupcake Wars on the Food Network, with a solid 4.5 stars on yelp, we were excited to feast our tastebuds on their cupcakes and macarons. We took our beautifully boxed selections with us to Sweet Greens to eat later.

On this visit to Sweet Greens I tried the guacamole greens; mesclun with roasted chicken, avocado, grape tomatoes, red onion, crushed tortilla chips; topped with a lime cilantro jalapeno vinaigrette & a fresh lime squeeze (description from their menu).


I was impressed again, their salads are irresistible! So good, so fresh, so yummy, so jealous Toronto doesn’t have one.

And then came time for dessert.


The cupcakes were like muffins with bad icing which would be fine if I wanted a muffin with icing.

We were hoping for redemption with the unique macarons flavours unfortunately the flavours were barely there. The PB&J and Salted Caramel were the best of the bunch but otherwise I could have easily whipped up unflavored meringues at home.

I hate giving bad reviews, usually I just don’t blog about something I disliked, but we were really disappointed in Sweet Lobby. Maybe they were having an off day but I likely won’t go back to find out. Click over to read about the DC cupcakes we did like!

With that our DC escapades came to an end. We returned to our rental house to chat with the owner and pack for the next day. Jules was going home but I was off to one of my favourite cities, NYC! Stay tuned.


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I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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