In the city – DC Day 3

On our third day in DC/VA we decided to the bike, available at our rental house, for a whirl around Old Town Alexandria. This was a great way to see the town and hook up with the Mt. Vernon trail on the Potomac.


Over the years we’ve taken many photos with the anchor in Montreal and were geeked to stumble upon one in Old Town.

After making a huge loop around town we satisfied our rumbling tummies with cupcakes from Lilac Moon Cupcakes, a recco from Sam and Jeff and breakfast of champions.


Full Lavender Moon Cupcakery review here.

We also shopped along King st., popping into Anthropologie and Pretty People Vintage, a great vintage/modern shop, where I found a couple pairs of retro sunglasses and a darling printed scarf.


Finally we made a stop at Misha’s, another Sam and Jeff recco, for coffee with a side of Alexandria cupcakes.


The mocha was good, they roast the beans daily in house, but the cupcakes weren’t anything special, the full review is here.

After freshening up we went back to the city and the National Geographic Museum where we toured the small free exhibit (we didn’t have time for the 2 larger, paid exhibits) before heading to lunch. On vacation we operate on European time thus “lunch” was actually 4pm, just in time for happy hour at Beacon Bar & Grill. Martini’s, mushroom quesadilla, falafel and sundried tomato flatbread, pretty good for a hotel bar!



Feeling content we spent some time exploring the shops in Dupont Circle and eating a massive amount of Salted Caramel Pinkberry.


Mad props to the Pinkberry crew in Dupont Circle, they are expert froyo toppers who artfully distribute the toppings all around the cup. Yes, this is over the top but I really love my Pinkberry.


The first two days of the trip had been heavy on the tourist attractions, operation no memorial left behind, so a change of pace to just hang out in Old Town and Dupont Circle was fantastic.


I didn’t want to go to DC without seeing the monuments, because hello they’re pretty impressive, but my favourite way to enjoy a new place is just hanging out as if I lived there. It’s fun to discover new shops and hang out spots while playing the ‘could I live here’ game. 

If you’re curious and I had to move to DC tomorrow I would consider Dupont Circle, loved the casual but busy vibe, but I could see myself in Old Town long-term. It’s such a friendly place where I can imagine hanging out on King Street, it’s a quick 20 minute Metro from DC and I could roll out of bed and be biking on the water in less than 5 minutes. Love!

We ended the night sitting in front of The Capital and closing down Sweet Greens, holy yum we NEED a Sweet Green in Toronto.




Sweet Green came highly recommended by friends and it totally exceeded my expectations. With a focus on sustainability, Sweet Green is committed to local, organic ingredients and sustainability – for instance you’ll find plant based compostable packaging and utensils. Most important of all their food is incredible. Their core is salads (you can order it in a wrap too) and frozen yogurt and they do it very well.


For our first visit I ordered the chick p which is a delicious combo of mesclun & baby spinach, baked falafel, chickpeas, cucumbers, fresh peppers, pita chips with a lemon hummus tahini dressing.


I just about licked the bowl clean. Le nom nom nom indeed.


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I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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