Cupcake Battle: Washington DC and Alexandria Virginia

The Winners:

1. Georgetown Cupcakes


They weren’t originally on my must try cupcakes list because I didn’t want to wait in a long line for possibly average cupcakes. Luckily friends convinced me I had to visit and try the lava flow.

Luckily the line was very short and the cupcakes were very good. We tried red velvet (it’s tradition), lava flow (gluten free, they didn’t have regular), lemon, cookies and cream, mint chocolate.


YUM! The flavours were spot on. I loved the airy consistency and just-right sweetness of the cake and icing.

In particular, I judge cupcake places on the quality of their RV and Vanilla cakes and Georgetown Cupcakes gets full marks for both. Bonus points for the gluten free lava flow. I usually think of GF as dry and crumbly but not here, I would never have guessed the lava flow was GF without being told.

Georgetown Cupcakes is a ‘must try’. Don’t miss the lava flow or red velvet.

Oh and we didn’t see the girls or the film crew, they were in NYC filming at their new store.

2. Lavender Moon Cupcakery

Tucked away on a cute side street of Old Town, Alexandria, you’ll find my second favourite cupcake shop in the DC/VA area.


The density of the cupcakes here will impress traditional cake lovers but were also a hit for me – the light and fluffy cupcake lover. Made with a focus on natural ingredients the flavoured icing was tasty without being sacharine or fake tasting. Two thumbs up!

My only regret is that we didn’t get to sample the salted caramel, they bake off-site in the morning and it hadn’t been brought in yet, but the Blood Orange Creamsicle and PB Chocolate were great choices.IMG_0316

The Losers:

3. Alexandria Cupcake


Located on the main road (King st) in Alexandria I’d hear good things about Alexandria Cupcake and that they often sell out in the course of the day. With high hopes we selected the lemon and raspberry and…


Unfortunately I thought the cupcakes lacked flavour and tasted like a boxed mix. I wouldn’t go back.

4. Sweet Lobby

We were drawn to Sweet Lobby, in part, because they featured cupcakes AND macarons but also because they were a Food Network Cupcake Wars winner. Their tiny store in Eastern Market, a few steps from the Metro, had to be something special!


Their menu is fabulously creative, making our decision tough, but the Champagne Strawberry and seasonal Cherry Blossom (when in Rome) intrigued us most.GEDC0285

Sadly both cupcakes tasted like muffins with poor tasting, heavy, icing on top. I had no desire to finish either cupcake, talk about disappointment.

Luckily we’d saved the Macarons for a tasty finish. Our selections included salted caramel hazelnut-praline, pistachio, passion fruit and PB&J.

The good news is the salted caramel was great, unfortunately the rest lacked flavour and were too chewy. Sad smile  To say we were disappointed is an understatement. Sweet Lobby had amazing packaging and creative flavours but sadly came up short in their execution.

Our cupcakes experience in the DC area was a mixed bag but make sure you give the ‘winners’ a try!


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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5 Responses to Cupcake Battle: Washington DC and Alexandria Virginia

  1. char eats GREENS says:

    I LOVE cupcakes and it makes me jealous just looking at your pictures. Of course, I just watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy where they were eating different flavoured cakes, too hahah. Now I’m in serious need of some cake/cupcakes asap!!!

    • Christina @ Food.Fitness.Fun. says:

      Mmm now i want cupcakes too… I have a backlog of Grey’s episodes DVRed, looks like I need to buy some cupcakes before I catch up!

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  4. Angelita says:

    There’s defimately a lott to kno about thiss subject.
    I like all the points yoou hwve made.

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