District of Columns–Day 2

When in Washington for the first time one goes to the White House, no?


My thoughts were, huh, that’s a lot smaller than I expected. I then spent the next 3 days trying to find a building smaller than the white house (there isn’t one).

Thoroughly underwhelmed, we walked past blocks of massive buildings to to pick up (free) timed tickets for the Holocaust Museum (go early, they go fast).




Mission accomplished we went north, not to Canada but to the Washington National Cathedral which is the highest point in DC. After a beautiful bus ride through “Embassy Row” we arrived at the beautiful stone church.


The cathedral is fairly new, finished in 1990 – 83 years after Teddy Roosevelt laid the first stone, and is the sixth largest in the world.


Every inch of this space is gorgeous! The church may be off the subway line but the beautiful scenery of the ride over and the church itself is worth the trek.IMG_0254

By this point it was mid-afternoon and we’d worked up quite an appetite. Conveniently 2Amy’s Pizza was just down the street and would complete our DC Pizza Battle.

I ordered mine with proscuitto and mushrooms and OMG the quality of the toppings was A+++ and we both finished every last bite of our pizza’s.


My ideal DC pizza would be the crust from Pizza Paradiso and the toppings from 2Amy’s.

Back in the vicinity of The Mall we toured the Holocaust museum. I was impressed with how comprehensive and informative it was and would recommend it to others, just note that it’s a large (long) exhibit. After taking a break to decompress on the Mall we walked across Pennsylvania Ave, passing the Justice building and National Archives before taking the Metro to U-street to meet up with a couple of Jules’ high school friends.





Sam and Jeff treated us to a delicious dinner and great conversation at Café Saint-Ex on 14th street, a hipster paradise filled with vintage shops, restaurants, bars and jazz clubs.

Ironically many of the eateries in the area, including Café Saint-Ex, are classified as Canadian on yelp. As a Canuck I found this amusing because Canadian fare is almost exclusively Beaver Tails and Poutine. In any case, I’ll take this as a compliment and claim this café bar because it was rad!

Sitting in the café bar I felt like I was finally experiencing the real DC. I also ate my first fried green tomato sandwich, which came highly recommended, with a side of lightly dressed greens and a fantastic Sir Perry pear cider.

Sadly there are no photos because it was dark and I didn’t want to be a weirdo flashing the bar before midnight using my camera flash in a bar but the meal was delish. The fried green tomatoes weren’t heavy or greasy and were complimented with applewood smoked bacon.  And the pear cider? Ohhh the pear cider, I am now obsessed.

In our fatigued state, I was pretty much a zombie, we decided against a night on the town and caught a ride back to Old Town with Sam and Jeff, who coincidentally live 5 blocks from our accommodations. At their house we bundled up to sit in their backyard sipping Prosecco and telling ghost stories.  #fab /day 2


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I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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