Putting the C in DC–Day 1

Hey friends! My goal for this week is to actually post about my recent trip to DC and NYC.  I wrote the recap right after I got home but adding pictures and actually posting has taken me a few weeks. Lets blame it on an insane schedule and being sick, sick enough that I missed Easter. Whatever the reason I have some time now so lets get to it!

DC Day 1 – 2:45am wake-up call. Flew into Baltimore, after a short MARC train ride into DC we took the Metro to our accommodations for the trip, a house in Old Town Alexandria Virginia.

After we freshened up we took the Metro to Arlington National Cemetery.GEDC0069

There were two surprises here, the first being how vast the property was and the next how beautiful the landscaping was. While the reason for the cemetery is obviously somber and serious it’s also a beautiful tribute with so many people passing though to pay their respects.

The hill in front of the Kennedy resting place offers a beautiful view of Washington.

At the amphitheater we observed the changing of the guard around the tomb of the unknown, the area was beautiful.



We passed through the cemetery to see the massive Iwo Gima memorial, a must see for Jules who is a fan of all war memorials. This guy was massive!


After touring Arlington we needed to do something more uplifting and crossed over into Georgetown. First destination: Georgetown cupcakes.


Georgetown is charming and the bus let us off one block from the shop which only had a short line… so short we could have used more time to study the menu. IMG_0010

Our picks, red velvet (it’s tradition), lava flow (gluten free, they didn’t have regular), lemon, cookies and cream, mint chocolate. No, we didn’t eat these all in one sitting and yes, we instituted cupcakes table so we could all try a bite of each flavour. GEDC0101

The verdict? 4 delicious stars, these tasty treats lived up to the hype!

We turned back toward the road to go uptown for lunch at 2Amys Pizza when we spotted a PINKBERRY beside a Pizza Paradiso (on our list to try). Lunch and Dessert, donezo.IMG_0019

Pizza Paradiso was on my ‘must try’ list for this trip because it came highly recommended by a friend who used to live in Old Town (hey Er!), she knows I love a good pizza – particularly if it’s thin crust and made in a wood fire oven. Check and check.

Unfortunately my first pizza came out wrong, missing the most important part (prosciutto) and with sliced tomatoes (not for me please). They were nice enough to make me a new one that I tried not to inhale in one bite.


Om nom nom nom, oh the crust, nom nom nom. Read the full Pizza Paradiso review here.

After lunch we burned off approximately one bite of cupcake by walking Georgetown’s main street (LOVE) until it started to rain and we sought refuge in Pinkberry.

Their special flavor, Peach, was delectable but even better was the surprise that they were swirling SALTED CARAMEL. SC and I go way back to my first Pinkberry in NYC, it was love at first taste. ‘Twas the perfect anytime afternoon snack.


If you’re not aware Washington has a few monuments and they were our next destination.

The Lincoln Memorial can be defined in one word, majestic. IMG_0033

It’s my favourite monument in all of DC.


Washington from Linc’s house, minus water in the (empty) reflecting pool :/ It’s not like anyone was in town for the Cherry Blossoms or anything…


The Washington Monument doesn’t have anything on Linc.


Korean War Memorial – so unique.


The Martin Luther King memorial – Finished a few months ago, with some controversy, I loved the concept and feel of walking through this area.




The cherry blossoms bloomed very early this year and thanks to a rain storm we missed seeing the tidal basin full of blossoms (and millions of people, thank you baby jesus) but it was still beautiful and made the random trees still bursting with blossoms even more special.



Senior portrait time!



FDR’s memorial was spacious. In this space we had a fun wheelchair race, pondered life, listened to the radio and went back in time.

IMG_0128 IMG_0125

IMG_0130  IMG_0131

Just before sunset we visited TJ’s house. The sunlight spilling through the columns was gorgeous, the sound of a million tweenagers echoing under the domed ceiling not so much.




With aching feet we caught a Metro to meet our house mates at Murphy’s in Old town for a few hours of fun fuelled by hard ciders, live music and ½ a smoked salmon plate before calling it a night.

***All photos with the date in the corner are from Jules’s camera.


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I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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3 Responses to Putting the C in DC–Day 1

  1. Jules says:

    G f’n Ts dude! Though reading about that day makes me EXHAUSTED, it was so rad! I want to go back and do another food tour ASAP.

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