Pizza Battle–Washington DC

Pizza Paradiso was the first stop on our pizza tour of DC.

With locations in Washington, Georgetown and Old Town Alexandria Pizza Paradiso is home to tasty, wood fired pizza. 

The small pizza is a perfect portion for one person, I ordered mine with mushrooms, kalamata olives and prosciutto.

I wasn’t expecting, nor do I like, the chunky tomato sauce/pieces and was a little jealous that my friend Jules’ pizza was chunk free.


Tomato’s aside, I appreciated that the prosciutto was sliced, making it possible to eat without utensils but I wouldn’t have minded a little more Winking smile .

The best part of Pizza Paradiso is the crust, it’s a perfect balance of light and fluffy with a thin crisp on the outside. Fantastico!

Overall I liked the pizza here and would go again, the crust really is amazing. I want to know their secret!!

The other contestant in Pizza Battle – DC was 2Amys Pizza.

This charming restaurant is located off “Embassy row”, a block from the National Cathedral and a quick bus ride from Dupont Circle.


Pizza’s here come in one size, unsliced. I ordered mine with prosciutto and mushrooms.


Staff were attentive to drink refills and our pizza’s came out pretty quickly.

The best part was the high quality ingredients. The toppings on both our pizza’s were really high quality and tasted amazing, we were both really impressed.


Overall I liked the pizza here, staff were attentive to drink refills, our pizza’s came out quickly and the toppings are to die for. My only criticism is that the crust was so thin it was almost soggy in the middle. And while I loved that there was prosciutto in every bite the two long slices meant I had to cut each bite with utensils. Minor complaint and not a deal breaker but worth mentioning.

The verdict of Pizza Battle – DC? It’s a tie! Each place has a different strength and something a little different to offer but they’re both delicious.


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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