Flax Wheat Pizza Dough

Hi, my name is Christina and I am a pizza freak!

Pizza always sounds good to me. I could eat it at any time and purposely avoid because of that. I go through phases where I’ll make pita pizza’s as a stand in for the real deal but recently started making my own dough to have pizza as a weekend treat.


The first few times I used the thin crust recipe from Annie’s Eats.

The recipe works well and was not intimidating or time consuming. It does take some pre-planning since the dough needs to rest for 24hrs. Also, if you’re not using a pizza stone you need to pre-cook the dough for 7-10 minutes before you add sauce/ingredients.


Last weekend I used an even easier recipe from my mom, who got it from a neighbor, who got it from a magazine. I don’t know who to give credit to but I had a few requests to share the recipe so here she is. It’s not an authentic Italian dough but it’s tasty and anyone who owns a bowl can make it.

My mom first made this recipe for us when I was in high school more than 10 years ago (OH EM GEE, how did that happen?!!!) and it’s been kicking around ever since. When I asked my mom for the ingredients that’s exactly what I got, a list of ingredients… I’m probably the person who lost the photocopy of the whole recipe but you don’t really need anything beyond this:

Flax Wheat Pizza Dough
1 cup flour
1/2 cup whole wheat flour
2 TBSP flaxseed
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 pack fast rising yeast
2/3 cup of warm water
2 tsp honey
2 tsp olive oil

Combine all ingredients in a bowl, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Form into a ball and cover with a cloth or paper towel (a damp one if you want to be fancy). Let it rest for an hour then split the dough in two and use your fingertips or a rolling pin to press it out.


Usually I press the dough out with my fingers, to leave the crust a little higher, but I was impatient and went to town with the rolling pin.


I don’t have a pizza stone so I popped the dough into a 475* oven for 7 minutes without any toppings.


Add your toppings and put the pizza back into the oven for 10-15 minutes. Optional: brush the crust with oil to help it brown.IMG_9711


And voila!

Slice and enjoy.



About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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One Response to Flax Wheat Pizza Dough

  1. glidingcalm says:

    mmmmmmmmmm I love pizza!! my dad is obsessed with homemade dough, and loves his pizza stone!! yours looks delish!

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