Bits and Bobs–Weekend Recap

Hi Guys! Hope you’re all having a delectable weekend, mine’s been pretty swell. I needed a few days without any responsibilities, I was pretty knackered after last weeks barrage of product launches and car accidents.

I left off with Spin class Thursday… The class was okay but my knee was sore after. :/ That’s a huge red flag for impending hip pain so I’ll stick with one spin class/week for a little longer. Or you know, I could learn how to ‘take it easy’ in class, but is that even English? I have no clue what that means.

This weeks Fat Friday theme was chocolate. I brought in my favourite M&M’s – peanut!IMG_9672
The spring/Easter colours are already out, can you believe it?

Other treats (below) included mini hot chocolate cupcakes, italian chocolate cookies, chocolate covered blubes and chocolate donuts.
I also split a piece of the unpictured chocolate log with a coworker.

My lunch group went to Goody’s Diner again. This is where you’d see a picture of their pulled pork chicken burger if I hadn’t been so busy working through lunch. Boo.

Don’t feel too sorry for me because I came home to a special delivery from Chobani!

More on the deliciousness tomorrow!

Saturday I had a date with my mom to see Blue Dragon. I didn’t know much about the play beforehand, it was a part of our theater subscription, but I am in love with the production.
Usually plays have 2-3 acts but this one did not have distinct stop and start points, instead it unfolded like a movie which was so cool. It also had subtitles, which I was weary of at first, thinking it would take away from the production, but you quickly get used to them. If you’re in Toronto this one of a kind production is worth seeing!

Following the play I made homemade pizza (again) but this time used my mom’s whole wheat flax dough recipe.

You don’t have to pre-cook the toppings but I do sometimes, especially since I like to use the shrimp marinade as the sauce.


Toppings were shrimp, mushrooms, green and kalamata olives, daiya cheese.


So far today I ran errands for my mom where I ended up buying myself new Nike workout capri’s. They’re Navy blue, how could I resist! I also like that they’re fitted at the top but flare slightly at the bottom.


After that I went to lunch with the ladies at our new spot, Spoon and Fork. We’ve been there 3 times in the last 4 months, cray.

While we stuffed ourselves we caught up on life and looked at the photo book Sarth just got from her wedding. The photos were gorgeous and it was fun to reminisce about the Wedding and the bachelorette in Miami. I could go for lounge chair on the beach and a Miami Vice right now but I guess photos will have to do.


Vidhi, Helen, Sarthi and me in South beach.


Laura, Komz, Vid, Sarthi, me and HP. Good times ladies, hard to believe that was a year and a half ago now!

Anyway, hope you had a great weekend! Are you watching the Grammy’s??


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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4 Responses to Bits and Bobs–Weekend Recap

  1. Lele says:

    Oooh, whole wheat flax crust? Please share! My whole wheat pizza crust could use some pizzazz (and be, er, less tough)

  2. glidingcalm says:

    THAT PIZZA! nom nom nom! what what for homemade crust! you go girl!

    and those desserts look amazing!! peanut M & M’s are my favorite!!

    im sorry you are having pain! go easy…. a chronic/permanent injury is not worth it!!!
    happy week!

  3. christina says:

    i want that dessert plate. ohhh pastel m&ms make me smile!

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