Goody’s Diner

Last week I mentioned that a group of coworkers like to try a new restaurant each Friday. It’s a nice break since we mostly eat at our desks the rest of the week. We also enjoy trying out new places and, as a rule, we rarely visit the same place multiple times. Goody’s Diner is and exception to that rule.

For months now my Friday lunch crew has been raving about Goody’s Diner but I kept missing lunch on those days. Finally, a couple of Friday’s ago, the stars aligned and I made it there.

Goody’s makes everything on their menu fresh when ordered and is known for their amazing burgers but that’s not all they serve. Their menu includes a variety of foods and each week they post specials on their Facebook page. We happened to visit on a week when they had lobster bisque! You know how I feel about lobby, mmmm!

The restaurant was packed when we arrived at noon, they’d just been reviewed in a local paper and were even busier than normal.


With the wait for a table at least 30-45 minutes (there we several large parties) we opted for take-out. While we were waiting a table opened up and we ended up eating out take-out at the diner, yay!

The burgers are mouthwatering, some of them come out piled so high with toppings (onion rings, samosas or 3 kinds of bacon) that they’re the size of your head, but I can’t eat beef and the pulled pork burrito caught my eye.


Loaded with pulled pork, rice, cheese, lettuce, corn and guacamole this burrito could either be great or heinous.


Luckily it was outrageously delicious!

I had the lobster bisque on the side, instead of fries, and it was impressive (ignore the bad pic).


We may have been at a diner but this could have been served in a fine restaurant, definitely impressive!

Unlike what you’d expect at a diner, none of the food was greasy and I’m already looking forward to our next visit. The hard part will be deciding what to order.

Goody’s is located near Warden and Eglinton in Scarborough, definitely give them a try!


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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3 Responses to Goody’s Diner

  1. So funny that you blog about Goody’s today – I’m heading there for lunch with my coworkers today!!! Can’t wait!

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