Some other beginnings end

My 2011 year-in-review post is up next but first we have to go back to last NYE.

It’s December 31st 2010, I wake up at Jules’ house in Michigan with a very loud rumbling tummy. I am not hungry but I try to eat some eggs and toast before we drive to Belle Isle for a 5km race.

Here’s the rest of New Years Eve day in fantastic bullet point style:

Get violently ill in the car, on the highway. Impressively don’t get anything on the car.

– Buy new jacket, shirt and purse at Khols.

Decide I “feel better” after getting sick and don’t want to skip the race.

Throw out any time goal and aim to ‘just finish’.

Alternately feel badass and really stupid but mostly awful.

Feel more awful.

Get sick at the 2.5km turnaround point.

Talk myself out of laying down in the road or grass.

Debate jumping in the water to cool off. Decide that would be a bad idea in the middle of winter.

Wonder why the heck the finish line is so far away.

– Keep going because I want the medal.

Somehow cross the finish line.

Find J and hang onto her for dear life.

Take a bite of a bagel to settle my stomach. Ha.

Get to a pharmacy for ginger ale and Dramamine stat.

Realize I need to get out of the store NOW.

Race for the exit wondering what genius put the pharmacy as far from the entrance as possible.

Don’t make it outside. :/


Finally make it outside and the fun continues.

– The coconut water I had? Not helping.

Don’t drink coconut water again for the next 11.5 months.

Get sick in front of young child and his family. Wow, didn’t think my day could get worse.

Lady leaving the store wants to “help me”. Tell her my friend will be right out and keep insisting I don’t need her help.

Lady finally leaves #10yearslater

Lady comes back IN HER CAR and insists she help me. Finally get her to leave again.

So. Embarrassed. But at least I got a medal!


I managed to keep it together for the rest of the night and rang in the New Year propped up on a stool at the bar.


Despite not being able to digest food I had a fun few days with friends to kick off 2011 in Michigan. Fingers crossed I never get food poisoning again!


2011 Highlights coming up next!


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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