BOTB–The fun continues

When I last found time to pen an update Battle of the Blades Season 3 was just starting. A month later, we’re 6 performance shows into to the season with just TWO more to go. TWO!! I am going to be so sad when it’s over.

As I mentioned, I was looking forward to this season because Marie-France is back in the show. But, to be honest, I’m enjoying each Sunday performance show even more than I could have predicted. MF and her partner, Bryan Berard, step up the game each week and it has been so much fun to watch.

It’s hard to pick a favourite program but here are a few of them…


This Blue Rodeo program is from week 2, Bryan’s already looking pretty comfortable on Figure Skates.

Week 2

MF says Bryan is like a sponge, soaking up everything he can, and in week 3 you can see he’s been working hard and having fun.


Canadian Week!

Week 5 was fans choice, I voted for Pitbull. They ended up with Elvis Presley.

I was  sure I’d like the program, MF doesn’t disappoint, but I didn’t think I would LOVE.

MF and Bryan were the last team of the night to skate and completely brought the house down. Bryan and MF even pulled off a super crazy lift she and her regular ice dance partner, Patrice Lauzon, usually rock (around 2:31 in the video below). Bryan looked pretty rad too Winking smile

Fans Choice–Week 5



To be honest I was Battled out after season 2. The show was great but I was happy to have my Sunday and Monday nights back. This year MF has brought her brand of magic back to the show and I can’t wait for Sunday night again. Even better, she lucked out with Bryan as her partner, his story is inspirational and his hard work evident. He even puts up with many requests for facebook fan page material without complaint (and no, not all of the hockey players have been this kind).

Homemade t-shirts? Totally normal.


Record a Vlog, and make it funny? Sure!

Hang around with tons of stage make-up on until you partner arrives for photos? Okay.


Don’t forget to tune in Sundays at 8pm to see what MF and Bryan come up with next!

They could also use your votes after the show! The winning team will get $100k to donate charity and they are skating for a great cause, Do It For Daron (D.I.F.D.) which is dedicated to youth mental health awareness.


Only 5 more days until the next show!


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One Response to BOTB–The fun continues

  1. Jules says:

    Le sigh! I wish I was still there to rock out BotB every week with you! Good times! I can’t wait to do it all again in LESS than two weeks!

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