House Hunters

After raining most of Saturday we lucked out with gorgeous weather on Sunday.


Lunch was at another favourite place, the Whole Foods Mothership. Seriously, the Lincoln Park store in Chicago is massive and awesome with a food court in their store in addition to a massive hot/salad bar.


I wasn’t craving a specific food counter so I went with a variety from the hot/salad bar.


(seaweed salad, hard boiled egg, cabbage slaw, pot sticker, tofu, grilled pineapple, curry)

This was the perfect amount of food and definitely my cheapest WF’s bar trip, clocking in UNDER $10! I think that deserves a medal!

After lunch we window shopped and stumbled upon Peeled, a smoothie/juice bar.


Their menu has so many great selections I had a tough time deciding what to order.


Ultimately my love of cherries won out and I went with the Cherry Moon.


It was awesome! You should definitely check out Peeled if you’re in Lincoln Park.

After more shopping we took the El into the ‘burbs.


Destination: Oak Park to tour my new neighborhood Frank Lloyd Wright houses, including his home and studio. I love architecture and design, which is actually why I ended up in Marketing, you know, advertising as art etc. I love the simple beauty and designs created by lines, texture and pattern.

Oak Park is just gorgeous and felt like home.



We arrived at FLdub’s house during magic hour which is that time of day before sunset when the sun is no longer overhead and casts the most beautiful glow.



It was also the perfect time of day to relax on the front steps of the house and let you mind wander as the sunlight dances through the leaves of the trees (while you pose for a senior portrait).



The other houses in the neighborhood (FLW and otherwise) were also gorgeous. I wanted to buy each one I laid eyes on, particularly any house that featured a large porch.



All of the houses were gorgeous but I didn’t feel the same about the unity temple FL-dub designed.


The detail at the top is pretty but the rest of it looks like a jail. What can I say, I love windows and light not cement walls. The other churches in the area were pretty great though!



Oak Park is a cute area to walk around in, lots of cute shops and a red phone booth to play with.


With the sun going down on a gorgeous day we took the El back into the city for a late dinner.


Back downtown we struck out at 4 restaurants, they were either closed or had humongous lines.IMG_5960

By the time we arrived at OYSY we just wanted food. Luckily there wasn’t a long wait and we love sushi, the 5th time turned out to be the charm.

OYSY is one of Mel’s go to places so I took her recommendation and ordered the white dragon roll in addition to my standard (fave) spicy salmon roll and seaweed salad.



Photos courtesy of Mel (my camera battery was mostly dead).

My cute little dragon tasted as delicious as he looked, everything was top notch, really.

It was our last night in Chicago so we had to have Pinkberry again. It’s the law!


This swirl was 70% watermelon, 30% coconut topped with strawb, mochi and a crepe cookie. The fun thing about Pinkberry is they’ll do whatever you want as long as it fits in the cup, can’t beat that.

Pinkberry, I miss you, come to Toronto!!!


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I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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2 Responses to House Hunters

  1. Mel says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t comment on this earlier, but I miss you and our amazing day and all of this delightful food, so I had to relive it all again!

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