On the road again

Usually I think staying home on a long weekend is a crime. But I’ve been busy since June my whole life and I’m booked through November so, when travel plans for the Labour Day long weekend fell through, I was okay with one last lazy summer hurrah. Nothing but time to catch up on my sleep, leisurely hang out at the beach, read books and ride my bike. You get the idea.

And then (of course there’s an ‘and then’) Jules suggested going to Chicago to get Pinkberry and Sprinkles visit Mel. An excellent idea because, as it happens, I love Mel, Chicago, Pinkberry and Sprinkles.

Usually I’d fly to Chicago but I needed a roadtrip like some people need to run/eat/breath. Also, last minute plane tickets are spendy. $1200 round trip? Hahaha. No.

In the blink of an eye, or the zoom zoom zoom of my Mazda, I was at Jules’ house – the halfway point. We completed the rest of the drive together, passing through Indiana, a new state for me!

When I asked if we could drive by Michael Jacksons childhood home in Gary I received an emphatic no. Apparently Jules like me (and herself) alive, what a friend! My alternate request was to play PYT as we drove through Gary. So we did, twice.

We finally arrived in Chicago and behind door number one (also the door to Mel’s condo) was Mel and cupcakes from CRUMBS! However, before we ate a crumb(s) we took off for Pinkberry, which of course had a line.


Truthfully, I prefer when there’s a line because they come around with little samples. You know, as opposed to the samples you can just ask for at the counter. I digress.

After a few samples I decided Watermelon would be an acceptable substitute to Salted Caramel, which is no longer offered (tear). Jules and Mel got a large and I like to copy others so I got one too.



Topped with strawberry, mochi and cap’n crunch this monster was the size of Julie (in the background). There was no way I could finish that.

And thennnnn, I did.

It was AMAZING. Pinkberry froyo is so good because it’s slightly tart, always crisp, refreshing and so light that I can eat a bucket the size of my head and not keal over. I’m sure it also helped that I had skipped lunch.

After walking home I discovered there was a cupcake shaped spot available in my tummy. Enter cupcake table.


Cupcake table was inspired by cookie table and boils down to splitting each cupcake into three portions. This way we can sample 1/3 of each flavour but only eat the equivalent of one cupcake.


Chicago crumbs weren’t as good as in NYC but it was still a lovely treat and a sweet way to end a long day.


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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