Silk Roads–Ottawa

You know that familiar feeling, little things that remind you happy place and time?


That’s what visiting Ottawa is like for me. It’s not my hometown but it’s where I spent a lot of school vacations and holidays with my Aunt (and Uncle) and Grandma.

A lot of my childhood was spent in Ottawa doing everything from making tunnels in the snow, picnic lunches and visiting  museums, with a healthy dose of being spoiled at the mall.

Visiting O-town also usually means reverting to the comforting role of niece and only granddaughter, where people who have known me my entire life still like to spoil me even though I’ve grown up. 

Ottawa may be familiar but not everything is the same. After having both knees and shoulders replaced my Grandma can no longer whip out 30 apple pies or dessert after tiny little greek dessert. She needs a little more assistance physically but otherwise she hasn’t changed. I’m still her koukla (little doll) and she knows me well, after all she’s the one who pealed me grapes, performed lifesaving surgery to sew my dolls back together and told me endless stories whenever she’d tuck me in. It’s safe to say that she’s my favourite lady and I’m her #1 girl.


My aunt know me pretty well too, she’s the one who packed all those picnic lunches and toured me around the museums and other sights of Ottawa and Gatineau.

My aunt also knows about my love for trying different cuisines. So when I came to visit after I got home from New York City in July she treated me to one of her favourite restaurant; Silk Road, an afghanistani restaurant.

Before we ordered I asked my aunt and uncle what afghan cuisine was like, a question that proved hard to answer. All I really knew was that the aroma in the packed restaurant was mouthwatering.

My aunt opted for her favourite, salmon and amped up rice that had carrots and raisins.


My uncle and I both ordered the lamb plate that comes with basmati rice and salad.


MMMmm mmm mmm.

When I took my first delicious bite I understood why this cuisine was hard to describe.  The flavour is most like a cross between Mediterranean and Indian cuisine. It’s flavourful yet has a mind taste, nothing too sharp or spicy. The lamb was incredible, super tender and just so tasty. The rice and salad were a great compliment.

We capped off a nice evening with mugs of green tea and a little honey dessert.


If you have the chance to try Afghanistani cuisine I recommend it!


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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4 Responses to Silk Roads–Ottawa

  1. Chele says:

    Awww….this made me miss my Grammy!!! She passed away when I was 7 from (apparently) a rough battle with cancer. I don’t remember any of that at all….selective memory and everything. But I vividly remember peanut butter sandwiches cut in triangles with the crusts cut off, discovering that tuna fish was made with mayonnaise (who knews?), wandering around the Tufts University campus to find the playground, pretend tap dancing in her kitchen, and all the hugs and kisses anyone could ask for!

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