Pealicious Recipeas

When I heard Mama Pea, food blogger extraordinaire, was going to publish a book I was intrigued. Her blog routinely serves up a helping of hilarity with a side of pealicious recipes so I was looking forward to the cookbook. But would I need to buy it? Well…

When I saw the finished Peas and Thank You (chapters, amazon) I was blown away.

I started laughing with Mama Pea (metaphorically, I was really laughing alone, that’s sad) when I spotted a “hugh jass salad” in the recipe list. The giggling continued with the stories before each recipea and then I began drooling over the images and promptly started a grocery list.

Chickpea strawberry mango salad from Peas and Thank You

At close to 300 pages this book isn’t a simple reproduction of a few blog recipes, it’s a substantial resource for plant based recipes that explains common vegetarian/vegan ingredients and substitutions. Peas and Thank You covers every meal and the variety of recipeas means there’s something for everyone.

The Pea Points that accompany each recipe offer helpful tips from side dish ideas to  recipe variations. Love it!

Love the pea points!

Not a vegan/vegetarian? No problem, these recipes are based on real food not fake meat products you might be afraid of. Many recipeas are family favorites with a vegetarian makeover that, dare I say it, taste even better than the original! You’ll also find a healthier take on kid faves like Thousand Island Dressing and soft pretzels.

Intimidated by vegan ingredients? Don’t have dairy free cheese? Don’t worry, Mama Pea might make you laugh but she won’t make you feel bad about using organic cheese in place of a dairy-free variety, in fact she lists it as an option.

Whether you’re trying to incorporate meatless Mondays, looking for meal ideas, or you just want your kids to eat more veggies you’ll be inspired by each pealicious recipea.

Of course, if you only buy Peas and Thank You for Sarah’s hilarious story-telling it’s still worth it but I bet you a bowl of crack roasted chickpea’s that you’ll want to cook your way through each recipe.

Lemon Rosemary Chickpeas from Peas and Thank You

My earlier skepticism at whether or not I could just stick with looking up recipes on the blog? Not the same at. all. Plus, I can’t gift the blog to my friends and family like I can the Peas and Thank You (chapters, amazon) book.

What are you waiting for? Do yourself a favour and get the book for yourself and some loved ones.  You can thank me later… or really thank Mama Pea, she put a lot of work into this book and it shows on each beautiful page.

The only downside to the book is deciding which recipea to make first. Love. this. book.


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I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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