Friday! Friday! We so, we so excited.

It’s safe to say the food we ate in Seattle and Portland was some of the best I’ve eaten on vacation. None of our meals were expensive but everything was so fresh and each one was memorable. It’s only fitting that our last full day in the Pacific Northwest kicked off with a magnificent brunch at Gravy.


Gary mentioned Gravy has amazing french toast so that was a no brainer for me. French toast > pancakes.


^ Not your mama’s french toast! Creamy, crisp, sweet, rich. Ungh.


I wasn’t a fan of the hashbrowns but that just meant more room for French toast. Who knows when I’ll be back in Portland, I couldn’t leave any behind right!

Blissfully full we all piled into the car for a trip to the “mountains”. An hour later we were in gorgeous wine country.



We started at the very top with Domaine Serene’s beautiful tasting room and patio overlooking the valley.


This glass can hold an entire glass of wine!


Gorgeous tasting room.


On such a beautiful day it would be a crime not to take advantage of the outdoor tasting “room”.


I enjoyed everything we tasted but my favorites were Fleir de Los, the 2008 Rockblock and Syrah.

Our next stop was Domaine Drouhin, conveniently across the street.


I was driving so I didn’t drink at every winery but I still enjoyed taking in the incredible view (and the occasional taste of any favorites).




We then found ourselves nestled into the side of the valley at De Ponte Cellars.



Our last stop was Argyle.


I didn’t do a tasting here but I did enjoy a small taste of sparkling wine.  Our sommelier thought our happy group was awesome so we grabbed a photo with her.


By this time it was after 5pm and we needed sustenance. Picnic Time!


Crackers, cheese, baguette, spinach dip, carrot.


Wine tasting is hard work, we polished off all the food in no time… well, except for the fruit.


Back in Portland we all enjoyed a Mexican dinner before Jules and I had to leave for Seattle. We really didn’t want to leave but the horchata, burrito’s and good company helped us enjoy the last night of vacation.


I had an amazing time in Seattle and Portland, can’t wait to go back!


Thanks to our rad hosts and Jules, the best travel buddy for the great times!




About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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4 Responses to Friday! Friday! We so, we so excited.

  1. Jules says:

    GOOD TIMES! Holy crap, I miss this trip!

    Lucky for us, it’s almost time for another one!

  2. Mel says:

    I think it’s safe to say that this made me hungry! Also, sudden craving of horchata…not sure I can find that here!

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