Cookie Table and Third Dinner

On our first full day in Portland we woke up to glorious weather and a super delicious breakfast courtesy of John.


Nom nom nom!

We had a chill morning, talking with Gary and John and leisurely getting ready for our lunch dates. I dropped J off with her family and went to meet a blog friend for lunch. She keeps her location private on her blog so that’s got to stay on the DL but we had an awesome time at Blossoming Lotus (another Mama Pea recommendation).


I ordered the Creole Bowl which is served on a bed of kale and was one of the best tasting bowls ever ever.


I couldn’t resist ordering the PB and Greens+ smoothie which sounded so good and did not disappoint. Everything about lunch was incredible!


I highly recommend Blo Lo, it’s definitely one of the top veggie restaurants I’ve visited.

After lunch we had some time to explore downtown Portland which is so pretty and the people were super friendly!



Once J finished up with lunch we headed back to meet up with Gary and John who took us a cute area in Uptown full of cute shops and restaurants.

First stop was Two Tarts Bakery.


(haaay Jules!)

They have the coolest variety of cookies spanning Macarons, woopie pies, lil mama’s (not so processed oreos), lemon flavoured and spicy/sweet cookies.


We ordered one of each and sat down to cookie table! The name of the game is take a bite and pass to the right. Works best with 4 people.



We walked off some of cookie table exploring the adorable shops in the area and then happy hour happened.

Happy hour is big in Portland.

Bar Mingo makes happy hour happier.


Bar Mingo is a beautiful little restaurant serving Italian food in true Mediterranean style; light, high quality dishes.

Fresh bread, fleur de sel and delicious olive oil was served to the table while we looked over the menu.



When available Bellini’s are a must.


Jules and I split the calamari, not breaded served in a garlic aoli…


and a bruschetta/feta dish…


While John ordered the lamb meatballs.


Everything was cooked to perfection and, at happy hour prices, we practically robbed the place.

Happy hour win.


Second dinner took place a couple of hours later while the group was kicking ass and taking names at a local pizza parlour Trivia night.

J and I split a yummy slice of vegan pizza.


I probably shouldn’t have been surprised Portland could make a great vegan pizza, but I was, this slice was great.

Since good things come in threes we headed to the food trucks for third dinner.

J and I split pulled pork which will never photograph well, sorry!


The guys opted for shakes and PB&J fries which weren’t half bad!


And then we rolled ourselves home and planned a 5:30am bootcamp class.


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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6 Responses to Cookie Table and Third Dinner

  1. Jules says:

    You are a blogging machine! OMG I want to go back and have all of this food, adventure and then some all over again. DELISH.

    • Christina @ Food.Fitness.Fun. says:

      Yes!!! I want to go back and do all of this again too. Third Dinner and the wineries were particularly epic days in Portland, I’d love to do it all over!!

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  3. Mel says:

    I just had happy hour bellinis a few days ago! However your food looks much more delish than generic British pub grub…this is not surprising. ;-)

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