North of California

Bless the rains down in Africa Seattle

Maybe I watched Sleepless in Seattle too many times or all those trips to Starbucks began to brainwash me but I’ve wanted to explore the Seattle area for a few years now. If you know how much I detest rain you’re likely confused right now but just go with it.

To be honest, the real motivation is more likely tied to a desire to visit the first Starbucks (like, everrrr!) and catch a fish at Pike’s place market. Rain be damned.

I’ve also been collecting Starbucks city mugs for a few years now and though my lovely friends have gifted me  Seattle mug they left getting the original Pike’s place mug to me. Not one to back away from a challenge I was more than happy to plan a pilgrimage.

Early on Saturday March 26th I boarded a jet plane to Seattle by way of Vancouver. Natch I checked my car as my 2nd bag.


I generally avoid taking connecting flights but  unfortunately I didn’t have a choice so many hours later I finally made it to Seattle. I had a bit of a wait until Jules landed and then we were off to explore the Emerald City. First stop, checking into the University Inn to freshen up.


(view from our balcony)

If the name of our hotel wasn’t a tip-off we were staying in the vicinity of the University of Washington area, just over the bridge from Seattle proper. We felt safe to walk around with the college kids and were impressed by the number of (mainly) independent restaurants on the main strip and a Trader Joe’s steps from our Hotel.

Jules was game for popping into TJ’s so I purchases some nut butter (sunflower seed, holler) and bars before continuing on our merry way. Destination was a dive bar where Amber’s brother works.

Fun Fact: nut butter is not the weirdest thing I’ve brought into a bar, that award goes to a dozen Montreal bagels I smuggled into Peel Pub (the original, gross, location). At least this time the nut butter fit in my purse.

I got my first Flat Tire at the bar…


…the beer, and it was delicious, the perfect thing after a long day of travel.  

We spent a couple of hours chatting at the bar and back at the hotel until we finally called it a day around 2:30am Eastern Time (never mind that’s just 11:30 Pacific time).

See you shortly for our first full day in Seattle, it’s going to be delicious!

About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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