Spring Olympics Day 2

Day 2 at the 2010 Olympics was even warmer than the day before and it wasn’t very long before  we began saying we were at the Spring Olympics.


A group photo and a Canadian flag adorning our rented jeep later and we were on our way to the train, downtown and a full day of Olympic “sightseeing”.

IMG_9249 IMG_9252

Our first event wasn’t until the next day so we had a full day to “be Olympic”; exploring the sights all over the city and soaking up the atmosphere.

Like ride the train with a newly minted Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist (and take photos of her back, which is actually from Day1)


Pin trading was everywhere and it was really neat to watch people trade and look at pins from past Olympic Games.


I think everything should always be decked out patriotically. Am I the only one?








The line for the Olympic Superstore wrapped around the block most hours of the day. Once inside you could watch the action on TV and purchase mini-torches, among other things. The staff was kept busy perpetually re-stocking the floor.





We also finally took photos with “right” side of the countdown clock. Two years earlier we took photos with the Countdown clock but it wasn’t until after that we realized it was the Paralympic side of the clock. Oops!



After waiting more than an hour we sat down to our sushi dinner in time to watch Tessa and Scott rock the compulsory dance on big screens playing all over the restaurant.

Spring rolls at the Spring Olympics? (yeah, I couldn’t resist doing that) IMG_9277 IMG_9280 IMG_9282

Over an incredible dinner we watched Canada win Olympic Gold which resulted in the whole restaurant singing O’Canada. I wish everyday could be like that!


We capped off another perfect day at the Olympics with a visit to Cupcakes where even dessert was Olympic themed.

IMG_9293 IMG_9294 IMG_9295 IMG_9299


Eventhough we got there at closing time the cupcakes were fabulously fresh. The cake was perfectly moist (I hate using that word in reference to food but it’s true) and the icing wasn’t too sweet.


But the party wasn’t over just yet, not before we’d partied in the street making new Olympic friends while we cheered and sang about Canada some more. HOLLER!


IMG_9323 IMG_9325



One of my favorite group photos from the trip.


Helllloooo French skiers. Voulez vous…. uh *cough cough*…



We finally capped off the night with another visit to the Olympic Superstore, toner (glass bottle) cokes, and posing at the first Canadian Starbucks store!



To be continued…

About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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3 Responses to Spring Olympics Day 2

  1. melaniehoyt says:

    Awwww, I missed your blog yesterday, but they are both SO FAB! Some of the best times ever. I forgot about the boy that kissed my forehead, hahaaaa. I’m still so, so happy that this happened and we were there together!

    • Christina @ Food.Fitness.Fun. says:

      YES! I’m so glad we got to do this together and that we like doing the same crazy things. Such fab fab times!

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