Pilates Bootcamp!

How is it already December 1st? I have looked forward to 2010 for so long because of the winter Olympics being in Canada and I can hardly believe it’s 2010 let alone that it’s almost over!

This time of year is also when I begin to move my work-outs back indoors after challenging myself to do stay outside during the warm weather. Not only does this plan ensure I enjoy the gorgeous Canadian summer but I find that seasonal workouts helps keep things interesting. After running and cycling all summer I’m looking forward to staying warm with fun indoor activities. That’s why I was really excited when Deana emailed me about trying her Pilates Bootcamp class at Zen Beginnings.

The class description from their website:

Ever tried a Pilates class and found it too “light” and “fluffy”? If so, this class is for you! Guaranteed to make you sweat, this full-body interval-style workout alternates between opposing muscle groups, and upper and lower body moves. As such, rest periods are minimized, saving you time and keeping your heart rate elevated for maximal fat-burning benefits.

As someone who has taken Pilates for years and enjoys combining plyo and free weights I was very intrigued. I had no idea what to expect when I showed up at the studio last week but from the first position I knew this was going to be a tough workout. Within 10 minutes I was already dripping sweat onto my mat.

Here’s what I thought as succinctly as possible:

–          The studio is clean, modern and calming

–          I was offered tea, water and a recovery snack (I fueled poorly before class so almonds and dried cranberries have never tasted so good!)

–          Variety! We didn’t repeat positions and many of them I had never done before, I can’t remember the last time that happened in a class! I also appreciated that we didn’t just stay on our backs; I was on my back, stomach, sides and standing throughout class.

–          A true total body workout that reached hard to work muscles. I was sore all over for a couple of days after class and I loved it. Most of all I loved that my upper back and lowwwwer core (you ladies know right where I mean) were especially sore. Those are hard areas to target and the entire class is worth it just to work those areas.

–          The positions were effective. When you’re only doing one set of a particular move it must be effective to exhaust the muscles you’re targeting and that was certainly true in this case.

–          Deana was a great instructor who offered constructive corrections, encouragement and modification when it was needed.

If you couldn’t tell I really enjoyed the class and would highly recommend it to anyone regardless of their fitness level. This is a great workout on its own or as part of a cross-training program.

 Disclaimer: I was invited to try a complimentary class in return for a review on my blog but all views expressed in this post are mine alone.

Beyond enjoying the class I also really liked the studio and what they have to offer. Zen Beginnings is a new holistic wellness centre conveniently located at Mount Pleasant and Eglinton. They offer a wide variety of holistic services, seminars and classes, if you’re in the area make sure you check out their website, they have a lot of great stuff going on.

(tongue-in-cheek) Disclaimer #2: I was not asked to plug the studio (not that I would agree to that), I just like what they have to offer, and I like you, so I wanted to share!

How are you planning to workout this winter?


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I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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2 Responses to Pilates Bootcamp!

  1. christina says:

    how fun! i would love to do a pilates boot camp class. i need to find one at my gym :)

  2. Maya says:

    I tried the pilates bootcamp at Zen Beginnings too…it was great! It made me sweat! And I loved the facilities and the other services they offer. I booked myself a massage and for an appointment with the nutritionist! Can’t wait.

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