Went for a run…hurt my bum.

True story.

Running around like a chicken without a head for the last week+ didn’t leave much time for working out but I knew I needed to get back into a routine starting last night.

The only problem?

I didn’t want to work out. Lucky for me the gorgeous weather pulled me outside for a quick run.

For some reason my ipod won’t sync with Nike+ so I can’t show you the picture of last nights run and I’ll have to bore you with the written deets. ETA: finally got it to sync after the post published, photos added below. Ignore the times, I’m not sure why they’re wrong, I was not running at 10:10pm.

I set out to do a quick 2km run focusing on shortening (or eliminating) walking breaks and opening my stride to run faster.

The walking breaks were definitely shorter, 15-30 seconds, but I couldn’t get rid of them altogether because allergy season + asthma = notta di besta for di lungsa.

I ran between a 6:24 – 6:45/km pace but with walk breaks my average pace went up to 7:24/km. I finished 2.05km in 15:13 and told myself not to worry about time because a run is a run is a run.


After ending my workout I went about 5 steps down the trail and decided this wasn’t over. I started a new workout on the Nike+ and decided to see how fast I could do 0.5 km. I finished in 3:26, averaging a 6:46/km pace. Decent.


I was satisfied because I didn’t just hit a sub 6:00/km pace but I hit a sub 5:00 for most of it! The fastest portion being 4:50/km! Woot!

So what’s the problem? My toushie hurts!

First thing this AM I asked my running guru if you could hurt your tailbone on a run. She said yes and it’s usually a result of striking more on your heels (instead of heel to toe) which is usually caused by doing speed work, which changes your gait, or opening up your stride. Bingo! I did both last night. She also said this can hurt your stomach or hips (my left hip (the good one) is also slightly tweaked).

No more longer strides for me and I’ll save the speed work for the track or treadmill.

The End.


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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2 Responses to Went for a run…hurt my bum.

  1. christina says:

    sorry you hurt your bum bum! hope it feels better soon!

  2. Chele says:

    Sorry that you hurt yourself last night….feel better soon!!

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