Something Blue

Whew, what a crazy fun time the last week and a half has been. From working full-time to attending press galleries and after-parties for the Toronto Film Festival (TIFF) to throwing my friend’s Bridal Shower and then attending the DJed party, I’ve hardly slept but it’s all been worth it.

I’m not a party girl but I embraced my TIFF assignment with borrowed dresses, shoes I can’t afford and fake eyelashes that I didn’t want (or know how) to take off. The highlights I’ll take away with me include…

  • My TIFF posse (aka super fabulous TIFF coworkers) frantically getting made-up but always taking the time to pause for a dance party or two.
  • Asking Keith Urban how he liked attending the Olympics. Purely for *cough* professional *cough* purposes.
  • My posse getting me into the press gallery for Sarah’s Key even though we weren’t reporting on it and I was supposed to cover Casino Man events.
  • Being on the look out for Ryan Gosling (for one of my posse) and being near him a few times before I finally noticed. Woops.

In the middle of all the TIFF maddness with 2 amazing friends, and fellow bridesmaids, we threw a kick-ass ‘Something Blue’ bridal shower.

The night before we had a slumber party, I did food prep and we finished the decor and a bottle of wine.

I had gotten 3/4 of the favours wrapped during the week, after my TIFF duties, but I was so happy Helen was there to finish them off for me.


Everyone makes paper flowers for hours on a Friday night right?


After falling into bed at 2am we were up a few hours later to decorate and do last minute food prep.

Coffee table center pieces.


The finished dining room (the table’s usually in the middle of the room obvi).


After the shower I gifted the flowers and vases to the bride as a souvenir from the day (the vases are from IKEA).


On the other side of the dining room we used the buffet as the gift table.




We snuck a low coffee table into the corner to hold the favours.


The app/drink/dessert tables


Everyone loved the paper flowers, I don’t think you can tell how cute they are from the pictures.



My goal for the shower was to include some of the brides favorite things, naturally that included the food.


Blue corn chips and Stacy’s pita chip (♥♥♥) for dipping in Laura’s taco dip and my special warm spinach dip (unpictured).


Crudités, cocktail shrimp (bride fave) and the taco dip.


Tortilla roll-ups and Helen’s delicious Vietnamese spring rolls.


For the tortilla roll-ups I used plain and sundried tomato wraps, herbed cream cheese and variations of spiced chicken, smoked turkey, chopped olives, lettuce, and red pepper.

The spinach dip, wraps and spring rolls went like hot cakes.

The Something Blue theme continued through to a signature drink.


Dubbed the Sar*tini, this was my signature party cocktail dressed up in blue. Equal parts lemonade and sprite with vodka and blue caracao these pitchers had to be refilled more than once.



IMG_3075 IMG_3078

IMG_3081 IMG_3083 IMG_3092 IMG_3103

IMG_3107 IMG_3116IMG_3117


We asked the guests to wear something blue to the party and also had them include something blue on their TP bride.

IMG_3153 IMG_3158 IMG_3159 IMG_3163 IMG_3164


The winner is on the right but honourable mention goes to the bride on the left who’s team included a blue garter.


Dinner for an army!


Palak Paneer (spinach and cheese) on the left and, from the groom’s mom, chicken with peppers.


Fish Masala, which was amazing, and my baked ziti.


Chana Masala, my favourite indian dish and chicken tikka, topped with onion and peppers.


Shrimp biryani from the bride’s mom and make your own caesar salad (another bride fave).


I catered for less people than we were expecting but we still ended up with tons of extra food, there were trays in the kitchen we didn’t even take out. Our caterer made way too much food, and ended up charging us extra, which was frustrating but I guess it’s better than running out of food.


IMG_3141 IMG_3150

Fruit tray assembled by yours truly. Sarth didn’t believe blue grapes existed but they do indeed!


White cake with a mango mousse filling (another of the brides favourite’s).


For some reason the cake lady didn’t make 3 bridesmaid dresses, like we ordered, but that’s the only thing that went “wrong”  all day. No big deal.


A traditional Indian dessert, from the groom’s mom, that apparently includes 25 eggs.


Another bride fave, Baklava, from the bakery because my mom’s still in Greece.


Let them eat cake!



The bridal party (from left to right), me, Helen, Sarth (the bride) and Vidhi.


These girls are awesome, throwing a party like this with just three people was a big undertaking but we did a great job together. We are super lucky that the bridal party is all friends, it wouldn’t have been as fun coordinating with strangers.

I heart you guys.


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I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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  1. Sarah says:

    teehee a Sar*tini I think I need to try one of those!!

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