A different kind of Triathlon

My life is a lot crazy this week so I just have time for this quick weekend recap.

Dress fitting for my Maid of Honour dress – The dress fit perfectly and just needed to be taken in at the bust! This made me happy because I ordered a dress that fit most of my measurements but was 1” too small in the waist and now it fits!

So You Think You Can Dance Canada taping – Thanks to the National Ballet I was able to attend a taping of the Top 16 performance show. I had a great time and the dancing was fabulous. I can’t say anything else until the show airs so tune into CTV tonight at 8pm!

Just as awesome as the taping was the swag bag from the National Ballet.


Chocolates and MAC makeup? Awesome! Thank you National Ballet!!

The marketing geek in me also loved the Save the Date card for next years gala.


Cute ‘eh?! I attended this years gala, Russian Seduction, and had such a great time that I’ll definitely be going next year!

I also wanted to mention that the National Ballet has an awesome program for anyone 29 or younger called Dance Break. It’s free to join the program and it enables you to see world class performances for a great price! It’s the perfect way to attend your first ballet.


(Disclaimer: I was not asked by anyone at the National Ballet to mention them on my blog, I just really love the ballet!)

Weekend treats…

Brunch at Cora’s with the girls!


No whip for me please!


This crepe was bigger than my head!IMG_2925 

Mmmm fruit!


I ate about 80% and when I got full I enacted the “No Chocolate Spread Left Behind” mission. The mission was successful ;-)

After brunch we saw the founder of Pepto Bismal! Hot stuff!


Dinner at Boston Pizza where I finally gave into my pizza craving.


Pirogue pizza on a multi-grain crust. ♥


 And that was my weekend in a nutshell!

Hopefully I will be able to blog again this week but if I disappear it’s because I’m in the middle of, what I like to call, a different kind of triathlon. This triathlon includes working full-time, covering TIFF as part of the Media and prepping for the Bridal Party I’m throwing on Saturday.

Can you believe they scheduled TIFF at the same time as the Bridal Shower? How rude! LOL Actually, I usually just attend a TIFF party or two but I got word last week that I’m doing the whole shebang, wheeee and ahhhhhh!

Things I hope to do this week

  • Wear fake eyelashes without them falling off!
  • Eat real food, even if it means making 3 meals in the morning.
  • Blog
  • Not complain

Things I’m not expecting to do much of

  • Sleep
  • Anything other than Work, TIFF, Bridal Shower prep.

Should be fun!


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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3 Responses to A different kind of Triathlon

  1. mushiesarah says:

    Ohhhh sounds busy yet fantastic, can’t wait to read all about it :) xo

  2. christina says:

    holy smokes that is a large crepe! i love that you used the glasses to show off how big it is!

  3. melaniehoyt says:

    Haha, I didn’t even notice when you took your glasses off! Nice!

    ALSO OMG THE PINK MAN. Thanks for putting him on the Internets!!!

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