The party is on Ocean Drive.

Night 2 in Miami takes us to Ocean Drive. Located on the Ocean, as the name suggests, it’s a strip of entertainment venues that come alive at night.

The fun began in our hotel room with an epic dance party and some beverages.



We stopped dancing long enough to hail a cab to Mango’s for dinner. Mango’s is known for having live music and dancing on the bar, a la Coyote Ugly. We were greeted with Reggae music and knew that tonight was going to be a good night. These guys were wicked.


It was right about now that our hips started swinging and didn’t stop for the rest of the night.

I kicked things off with a Cherry Pomegranate Mojitos which was goood.


Unfortunately I got a few more drinks than I bargained for when another customer knocked over a servers tray of drinks behind me.

Luckily most of it missed me and nothing landed on the white part of my dress. Everyone from the servers to the other customer was super apologetic and seemed surprised that I wasn’t mad. I was fine so why get mad? Hilariously this turned into a “hit on Christina’ contest between our server and the customer. Good times (our waiter was cuuute).

One of those awkwardly cropped photos… sorry! IMG_2603

The Reggae music turned into Latin featuring a full band. These guys were so awesome that we jumped up for our table and hit the dance floor.


I’m sorry none of us got a photo of the HOTTTTT drummers that came out later. Did I mention they were HOT?IMG_4912

A change in music also brought new dancers to the floor. There were 6 or 7 acts that circulated around the restaurant and danced on the bar. It was incredible to see them twist and move so fast on the bar without falling off. I also loved that they came to dance beside our table.



Since I had made friends with our waiter I chatted to him about the menu. Right off the bat he recommended the steak but since this girl can’t have beef my friend ordered it instead.


I hear it was pretty good!

I opted for the blackened chickaannnn tacos. (And yes, it’s Chickaaaaannnn, not chicken)


The tacos were cheese free (!!) and served with cabbage and sides of beans, rice, guac, sour cream and fresh salsa.


I topped the tacos with lots of guac and some salsa. Mmm guac, one day I’m just going to turn into an avocado.


I really liked the spice blend on the blackened chickaaan. I wouldn’t say my meal was the best I’ve ever had but it was tasty and I would happily eat there again.

Our next stop on Ocean Drive was The Clevelander to dance the night away. The Cleve is one of the oldest Hotels in SoBe with a pool/lounge area that transforms into an open air night club.

A daytime view of the club from above.


The dance floor actually covers half of the pool, it’s pretty neat. (source)


She might kill me for posting this but we were ready to partay!


We beelined for the dance floor detouring only to buy shots.


I treated a couple of my friends and ended up spending $29 on 3 shots!  This is how I felt about it…


…and then I shrugged and got my dance on.

We had a blast, it was really awesome dancing outside near the ocean, under the stars. Such a different experience from cramped clubs in Toronto.

We made a lot of friends on the dance floor and got danced around the floor a few times.


Meet some of our new Michigan friends. As an honorary Michigander I bonded with these drunken guys pretty quick. They were hilarious and so pumped up that half the dance floor joined our party.

In Toronto there would have been a riot with a lot of guys and a few girls but surprisingly everyone was really respectful.


It was AWESOME to dance with guys who didn’t try to feel you up and would let you go if you wanted to. I’m not a huge partier but I would go out dancing way more if Toronto was like that.



My only complaint is that the DJ should have changed songs a lot faster. Other than that he was playing great beats! Shout out to the guy who latin danced with me, he was phenomenal and I had so much fun with him!


We capped the night off with a “mid night” swim with some new friends from Jacksonville. Dan, who I call Jackson and who nicknamed me Canadia in return, and his friends kept us entertained until we hit the hay at 5am. What a night!!


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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  1. Chele says:

    CHICKAAAAAAAN…..three four times a week? LOL

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