Ole! Miami Night 1

Last Friday afternoon we set off for a long weekend in Miami! Ole!!

After an epic boarder crossing we arrived at the Delta Airlines self-serve baggage drop off counter to find one person, not in uniform, checking people in and no one at the baggage drop. After a little while a second employee appeared to inspect the amount of paper remaining in the self-serve computers and we asked if he could help us.

He so helpfully ignored us until he finally said he guessed we’d be missing our flight. Awesome customer service Delta! After a few minutes this person stopped picking his nose to check in a “priority” customer and then finally helped us check-in.

Rudeness behind us we picked up snacks on our way to the gate. The best option I could find was a side salad from a restaurant-bar. The chickpeas sold it!


I topped it with a TBSP of balsamic vinaigrette and it was decent enough.

Our plane was a flashback to the 90s, it was pretty rough looking and there were no personal TVs. Obvi the TVs are not essential but Biscoff was. I was so excited until the flight attendant told me they “ran out”. Lame.

I drowned my sorrows in iced coffee on our connection in Hot-lanta.


You’re welcome for that amazing photo.

Upon landing in Me-ami I literally jumped outside. I was so excited for HEAT!IMG_4788

I practices a little bench ‘”yoga” while waiting for our ride.


Soon enough we were at our hotel, the Ritz-Carlton Miami (south) Beach!

IMG_4791 IMG_4794


IMG_4795 IMG_2451 IMG_2453

Shower on the left, le toilette on the right.IMG_4798

The first thing I did was put on some tunes to get the party started.IMG_4800

After a quick change and a tip from our Ritz-man Robert-o we headed out for a walk along Lincoln Road to SushiSamba!


SushiSamba is a fusion of Peruvian, Brazillian and Japanese cuisines. Also, they have Mojitos, in any flavour combination you desire. I ordered a Watermelon Mojitos to sip while we perused the menu.


Our server was very helpful and recommended I try the Neo Tokyo roll since i was looking for something spicy. He also brought over siracha and aji hot sauces.


The Neo Tokyo roll is yellowfin tuna, tempura flake and aji panca (peruvian red pepper).


It was an immensely satisfying roll between the crunch from the tempura and the heat from the aji and sirachi.


Sorry for the flash photography. We didn’t sit down to dinner until 12:15am, natch it was pretty dark!

My friends ordered some tempura…

IMG_2462 IMG_2460

and a few spicy Tuna and El Topo rolls.


The El Topo had salmon, jalapeño, shiso leaf, melted fresh mozzarella and crispy onion and was fantastic.


I ate my roll and 2 pieces of the El Topo.

Blissed out we couldn’t resist sharing a dessert. My table split the warm chocolate banana cake:  maple butter, banana chip & vanilla rum ice cream    


Hello lover.


This little guy didn’t have a strong banana or overly sweet taste, which was perfect after our rich dinners.

Eventually we made our way to Mansion, passing Miami Ink on the way!


We didn’t stay at the club long because the bar was going to close. Instead we chilled on the beach and star gazed from the lounge beds around the pool.


I’ll see you later for our first full day in Miami.

FYI – Out of respect for some of my friends privacy I will not be posting photos of everyone from Miami. If you see oddly cropped photos or just solo ones of me that’s the reason (it’s not just because I love to post 2304938098 photos of myself).


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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