I heart summer. A lot.

The only thing I dislike about summer is that it has to end. Le sigh. But it’ not over yet so I’m going to continue soaking up the sun!

Other than hot sunshiny days one of the best things about summer is the local produce. At least 80% of my food this summer has been Canadian, mostly from Ontario, and it tastes so good! 

This week I picked up quite a bounty of local goodies.






My first corn on the cob this summer! Oddly enough this reminds me of high school boys and football games. :D



Our weather has been great this summer but we did have a few overcast days recently. As the rain came down I was dreaming about beaches in Greece so I made myself a Greek Salad with imported Greek beans…


…and then chowed on some Canadian watermelon and give thanks that I wasn’t in Greece spitting out 100000 seeds with every bite.


When I wasn’t day dreaming about beaches in Europe I was wishing I lived somewhere friendlier for cyclists. Toronto has a couple of nice paths along the lakeshore but they are not connected well so I tend to ride each end separately.

Well, last Friday I was going to dinner on the other end of the Lakeshore and decided we should bike across and get our long ride in at the same time. It turned into a bit of an epic ride.

I should preface this story by saying I hate riding on main streets in Toronto, it’s awful, but i pluck up my courage and we set off. Unfortch, almost immediately, I was reminded why biking in Toronto can be so dangerous. After starting at the beach we were booted off the path in an industrial area, or at least we were supposed to be…


There is no bike lane in this area and we would have had to cross in front of construction vehicles so we stayed on the path a little longer.


Yeah, we’re such rebels but the pedestrians were using the sidewalk and I didn’t feel like being crushed by a truck.

All too quickly we had to get on the road and were sandwiched against cars when “it” happened.


(We actually took this photo on the way back but you can see where the short bike lane ends and that there isn’t much room between the cars and curb ahead)

For some reason a girl in front of us stopped her bike at a green light causing a huge line of cyclists to stop short. As a result I was rear ended and my cell phone flew off my bike and under the wheels of the cement truck beside me.

After I breathed a sigh of relief that I didn’t flying under the truck we retrieved my phone from the road. I was expecting it to be crushed to smithereens but other than being scratched up it actually worked!


The back doesn’t even have a mark on it!


Obvi I need to replace my now ghetto phone but at least I didn’t have to do it that day!

After we got moving again poor Patrick got an earful of my unhappiness with Toronto’s shitty infrastructure :D I’m so envious of bike friendly places like Quebec and Chicago.

Toronto’s waterfront path has nothing on Chicago or Montreal… In fact it can be difficult even see the water from the path.


Toronto really likes to throw the multi-use path as close to cars as it can get.

But then you get a glimpse of this and you are reminded of Toronto’s good parts.


Wouldn’t you love to live here…


…with this as your view.


After spending a gorgeous late afternoon in our friends courtyard, with this view, we headed back home. Thankfully it was a much smoother trip!

What’s your favorite summer activity? I love biking on the lakeshore (minus the stretch on the road) and then lounging at the beach.

Coming up next, what I did with this weeks grocery goodies!


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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2 Responses to I heart summer. A lot.

  1. melaniehoyt says:

    Haha, well Chicago’s lakefront path is great of course, but getting there is probably just as much of an adventure as it is in Toronto! I’ve never biked there except for the one time with you & the girls because I’m too scared to bike the couple miles over to get to the path! (Also, because my parents gave my bike away to a kid on our block that was riding one way too small for him.)

    ALSO…I am glad you are okay and did not fly under the truck!

    Obviously my favourite summer activity is roadtripping and sightseeing! :) Nothing better than exploring a new place (or just a new section of town at home) on a blue-skied day!

    • Christina @ Food.Fitness.Fun. says:

      Well I can’t say I’ve ever biked TO the path… hehe I always drive to the beach, or a friends house in the Beaches, as I’m fond of being alive…. and the way home is all uphill, with a giant “mountain”, I don’t have the desire or time to tackle.

      I’ll ditto your roadtripping obvi!

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