Long weekend, great food!

Howdy! I hope all of my lovely Canadian readers had a great long-weekend, I know I did! How about a slightly belated recap?

Friday afternoon found me, and a few hundred others, waiting two hours to get across the border into Michigan. For some reason only 1 toll booth was open which added an hour onto the crossing time, but I just opened the sunroof, cranked the tunes and texted my time away.


Jules met me part of the way to her place since we were both famished. We settled on Don Pablos for dinner where I ordered the fajitas-burrito. It was late and dark so none of my photos turned out. Le Sigh. We finally made it to bed after some really yummy sangria and a lot of chatter.

Saturday morning I went on a run around J’s neighbourhood. Due to the hairline fracture in my leg/ankle I have been sticking to running 1x/week but I really wanted to stretch my legs so I set out on an easy jog.

My original goal was to do 2.5km at a steady pace without worrying about time BUT since I was Stateside it only made sense to run in miles right? The shortest pre-set distance on the Nike+ is 2miles (3.22km) so I went with that. Jules wrote me out a route so with a paper in one hand and my iPod Touch in the other I set out and completed 3 miles in 25:32.

After my little workout we set out to peruse the outlet and stopped at the Uptown Coffeehouse for sustenance.


I ordered a soy white mocha latte with caramel and I have to say this was one of the BEST coffees ever. Top 5 best easily. This drink was flavourful without being too sweet.


Their bagels looked amazing however I didn’t have any nut butter packets with me, and they only had cream cheese, so I opted for a carrot muffin instead. (I know the carrot muffin is packed with dairy as well but because it’s cooked it doesn’t seem to bother me as much as the cream cheese).


This muffin was perfect. Light, lots of real carrot and tasty. Done, done and done!

J and I also split a lemon bar. Soooooooo good as well.


I wish I lived closer to this place because everything we tried was excellent. Can’t wait to go back sometime!

Howell is a super cute town! I loved all the little shops and beautiful buildings near the coffeehouse.



Afterwards I made my usual pilgrimage to Target where I found some great items for the Bridal Shower I’m throwing as well as a fun dress and skirt for myself. After a few more hours of shopping I was famished and stopped at Noodles & Co for a Curry bowl with shrimp.


While we were waiting for our food I noticed a board with one of the employees favourite things and was greatly amused that #3 was “Cats with whiskers”.  Right.

The night wound up at Wrought Iron Grill for a super late dinner and drinks.


I had the salmon burger with a red pepper sauce and tater wedges and a UV Blue Lemonade Martini.


None of us could resist the fresh blueberry cobbler a la mode so we ordered one with three spoons.


It was totally worth every single bite. The blueberries were so fresh, it was as if they had been picked just as this dish was being made. Everyone should experience such fresh produce, what a treat!

The next day J made us a super yummy brekkie as I hobbled around… Apparently my leg wasn’t a fan of the run combined with a day of walking. Woops! IMG_2164

Our yummy breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs with avocado on toast and watermelon!


We also had Boathouse C Boost on the side… mine was 1/2 juice, 1/2 water, that’s just how I roll.

Our plan for the day was to hit up Saugatuck, a beach town on Lake Michigan that was supposed to be gorgeous. When we arrived at the State Park we were greeted with an unexpected 3 mile hike through the forest to get to the beach.


The walk was gorgeous and the extra “workout” was okay by us! On the trail we saw what J told me is a Frolf course…apparently that stands for Frisbee-Golf?! I’ve never heard of it, has anyone else?

Parts of the trail were covered in sand, it was beautiful.


The trail ends with a beautiful sand dune…


…and opens onto a gorgeous beach.




Pic 013

My last experience with Lake Michigan was on an early July trip to the U.P. (Upper Peninsula) and to say it was a frigid experience would be a massive understatement. Don’t get me wrong, I still went in the lake, but thanks to it being later in the season and some heat waves the water was perfect this time!


I am such a fish, nothing relaxes me like being around or in water, obviously we wasted no time before jumping in! The water was crystal clear and so fabulous! If you don’t live in this corner of the world you might not understand just how massive the Great Lakes are, they’re really like the Ocean minus the saltwater, love ‘em!


J suggested our little excursion, at least in part, because she knows how much I love the beach… I know we both had a great time but, if I’m solar powered, she’s snow powered so I especially loved that she went on a beach trip anyway. Thanks twinny!

After we dried off a bit we headed into town to explore and find FOOD! All that swimming and hiking had worked up quite an appetite.

Saugatuck is so picturesque.


We decided on the Mermaid Grill and sat on the patio.


Word on the street was that we had to try the Whitefish dip. I am all about trying local specialities so I hopped on that bandwagon really quickly!


Looks pretty great right?


It was AMAZING. I’m not sure of the exact ingredients but the fish is smoked which gives the dish such a great taste. Ungh, I want some right now.

In the spirit of trying new things I ordered the Mahi Mahi fish tacos after a brief discussion about whether or not they were some type of endangered species. We decided they weren’t, I hope we were right! I couldn’t remember if I’ve had Mahi Mahi before but now it’s official.


The tacos contained the usual taco toppings plus avocado (my fave!) and the most perfectly ripe mango (which I pawned off on Jules, someone needed to enjoy that perfection).


These were very tasty and the fish was cooked perfectly!


After dinner we explored more of the town. It was so cute, I love towns full of local shops!




 IMG_2212 IMG_2213

IMG_2218 IMG_2220


IMG_2221 IMG_2247

Naturally we capped off a great day with ice cream Gelato! I got caramel pecan topped with a wee bit of vanilla bean. It was delish!


On the drive back home we pit-stopped at Starbiz where I was geeked that they wrote my name on the cup. I LOVE THIS. I may or may not have squealed… and then taken photos with my cup. Yeah, I’m okay with being ridiculous!


It was a fab weekend! I hope all of you had similarly fabulous ones!


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I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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