Picnic in the Park

If Saturday was a great day then Sunday was a yummy one.

What happens when you combine a sunny day with a beautiful park and a group of cool (mainly) food bloggers?


IMG_2442 IMG_2438 IMG_2440 IMG_2446 IMG_2447

Clearly there was quite the spread, I tried a little of everything.


Plus some delicious bean salad, black bean brownies and a green tea cupcake!

IMG_2448 IMG_2450

I really liked that the icing on the cupcake wasn’t too sweet, plus the green tea flavour was delish, but the real cherry on top was the red bean filling.

IMG_2452 The filling reminded me of my favourite asian dessert, Sesame Balls, which are mochi “balls” filled with red bean paste. Yumm!

The faces behind the food… (I didn’t get any group shots so I’m “borrowing” Susan’s)

Sarah, me, Jenn, Kristin

Callie, Morgan, Miranda


Susan and Nienke


We also had a special appearance by a tight rope walker. Yep, he just showed up with ropes and set them up in the middle of the park. Love it!

IMG_2455 IMG_2458

After the picnic I headed to Favourite Guys house to change and get our bike on. I used to bike with favourite guy all the time but a busy schedule has kept him off the bike so I was ecstatic when he agreed to come out! It can get boring biking alone all the time, I miss my scattered biking group :/

I didn’t have any water left after the picnic so favourite guy offered me a Vitamin Water. Honestly, this tasted like melted jello, way too fake for me. I think I’ll stick to plain H2O.


We biked on one of my favourite trails.


It’s so calm out there.


The view isn’t too bad either!


I love this perspective of the city. I also like freaking people (*cough* Favourite Guy) out by taking photos while biking. Good times!


After hanging out at the beach under the overcast sky I headed to the store, I needed something for (another) potluck the next day. While at the store I FINALLY found frozen cherries… too bad it was an entire cherry tree in a bucket!


Should anyone have room and the desire to buy a bucket of cherries I found these for $25 at Metro!

What is one thing you must have at a picnic or BBQ? Since it’s usually warm when you picnic or BBQ I vote Watermelon and cold grilled veggies.


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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