Spring has sprung!

For me, any weekend that includes a lot of time outdoors is a good one! The weather was gorgeous on Friday afternoon so I was happy to be outside walking around while I accomplished some errands.

Spring has definitely sprung!




I ended up at Whole Foods, natch. and saw that their glass wall was covered with Operation Beautiful type notes. They had done this to to talk about the experience and level of service their employees provide but some of the comments were really awesome, I’m sure it made that employee feel good! It was hard to take photos of a glass wall, this was the best I got.


I also fit in some time for spring cleaning and switched my closets from winter to summer. I ended up with a huge pile of clothing that is too big for me that I’m donating to the YWCA’s Women’s Shelter and Dress for Sucess.


It was too nice to spend Saturday indoors so I went for a walk… on my bike. Going with people who were walking helped me avoid getting too intense on the bike but I was still able to get out and move my legs, the best of both worlds.

My peeps encouraged me to ride ahead and loop back so I did that in addition to rolling along side them every once in a while. It actually worked out so well we did the same thing on Sunday.


Even though it was a leisurely ride I did find out my bike rides like the wind. I can’t wait to take it out on the bike paths and see how fast I can push it! As much as I love Mounty (my mountain bike) that thing is a BEAST and it feels great to finally have a road bike, I’ve been lusting after one for years.

Afterwards it was baby shower time for Komz!

My friend Saritha and I went in on the gift together, you should have seen us in the baby store trying to find items on the registry, I promise you that it was hilarious. We decided on an activity mat from the registry, plus Sarthy put together a basket of essentials (not pictured) and I added the books, I always add books!


This baby shower was a little different because it was in the evening and co-ed which was fun!

There was a big table of appetizers, we actually thought this was the food! Oops!


On my plate was a veggie pinwheel, curried chicken kabob, bacon wrapped shrimp and a pita with eggplant and veggies.

After appetizers they had a traditional ceremony to bless the mother and baby.


One element of the ceremony was to put bangles on the mom-to-be to symbolize how her labour would go. If tradition holds it looks like K will have a pretty smooth labour! 


Bevs before the crazy games started.


It was hilarious watching the guys do some of the games!! All baby showers should be co-ed!

Later in the evening we had Indian food!!


Veggie pasta, biryani, mutton, eggplant and veggie pasta. Everything was great but I especially loved how spicy the mutton was and the eggplant was DIVINE. I definitely had another little serving of eggplant but didn’t finish all the pasta/rice.

For dessert Jana made fresh waffles and had oodles of toppings, it smelled and looked amazing but I was stuffed and there was also a cupcake cake!


In case you weren’t aware, I LOVE cupcakes! Funnily enough, in the time it took to open presents and chit-chat, I was able to make a little cupcake shaped space in my tummy. Oh baby was it yummy!


I hope y’all had a sweet weekend too!


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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