They’re baaaack!

Yesterday afternoon was OFF THE HOOK! I was taken by surprise and recognized for the work I’ve done.  They said a lot of nice things, which they put in a letter for me to keep, and then gave me “free” day off to take whenever I want! Right after that a few coworkers who saw a preview of my Olympics article came up to talk to me about it and were impressed. I’m not going to get any work done the day it comes out but it’s going to be so great to talk about the Olympics again! A couple of other cool things happened that I can’t talk about publicly but I can tell you that we won our last dodgeball game of the season last night! HOLLER!

The celebrations ended when my alarm went off bright and early this morning. I was up earlier than normal to bring my car into the dealer because the engine light was on which I think is due to a loose gas cap courtesy of a full-serve gas station. Before I said anything the guy at the dealership actually asked me if I had filled up recently and if the cap could be loose. I’m assuming he asked because my car is new and was just in for regular maintenance last month and not because I’m a girl. I mean I did take Auto in high school so I’m obviously a pro! lol

After dropping off the car I had nearly an hour before work (I’m working from home today) so I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and walked a quick 3km home. On the way I saw Magnolia trees already blooming!


They remind me of home because my neighbours have a huge magnolia tree in the backyard.


Since I didn’t have to jet to the office I took the time to make a green monster! I used to make these everyday but lately I’ve just been having shakers of Amazing Grass and Almond Milk. Look at all that green goodness!


Todays was a super basic green smoothie with just spinach, 1 nanner, almond milk (unsweetened) and chocolate amazing grass.


I’ve missed these! They’re so nice and refreshing, I think these are back for the season.

I know I’ve already turned a few people onto green monsters, and a lot of bloggers already drink them, but if you haven’t tried them yet Ange, from Oh She Glows has a page dedicated to Green Monsters with lots of recipe ideas.

I originally started experimenting with veggies in my smoothies three years ago when I went through a weird South Beach stage. I had always loved smoothies but wanted to pack in more nutrients so I started adding spinach and cucumbers and it just went from there. Don’t be afraid of the spinach, it makes the smoothie so refreshing and fresh tasting and it’s ok to add a bit of sweetener or extra fruits when you first start out. Whatever you do don’t forget the banana!

Lunch featured the Chickpea patties I made the other day all wrapped up.


I was looking forward to having avocado in my wrap but it was bad when I cut into it :(


Avocado or not this was still tasty and filling!


I served these grilled in a wrap to my friend Jules last summer and a little birdie told me that she thinks they’re the bomb an wants to make them soon! Jules is pretty rad so be like her and make these soon!


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I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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  1. Noelle says:

    The magnolias are gorgeous here too!

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