Calling all Gleeks, The Countdown Is On!

1 month until my birthday!

3 1/2 weeks until Jules and I are driving around car-dancing and singing to Don’t Stop ‘Believin.

1 day until GLEE is back!! If you’re a Gleek, like me, you can listen to Glee on the radio all day long in celebration of the shows return. click here. And don’t forget that Glee is now on Tuesdays!

To get us through until tomorrow night, how about a little Glee flash mob action?

I will be catching up with the show courtesy of my DVR because tomorrow is my final dodgeball “playoff” game. Yes, I’ve reclaimed gym class and it is SO FUN!

A friend of mine asked me to play, and it seemed like something fun to do for the winter, so I signed up. Dodgeball turned out to be so much fun that most of us are staying together and playing in the spring league. As an added bonus it’s actually a decent work out, you’re constantly sprinting, lunging and squatting and it’s fairly hardcore, that’s how I broke my finger!

If you watch Glee do you have a favorite song that they’ve covered or a favorite episode?

I can’t pick favourites because they’ve done so many awesome episodes but any episode featuring Kristin Chenowith has to be near the top of the list and I especially love any older song they cover, like Don’t Stop ‘Believin and Time After Time.

See ya tomorrow Gleekers!



About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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One Response to Calling all Gleeks, The Countdown Is On!

  1. OBVIOUSLY Don’t Stop Believin – only because it’s from the first episode. But really I like all of them!

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