It’s not black!

Today was another sunny day in South-western Ontario, perfect for strolling around outside and soaking up the Vitamin D.

Before I headed out I needed to fuel up and broke into the new veggie burgers I picked up on Friday.


I haven’t purchased veggie burgers in awhile, since they’re so simple to make at home, but sometimes convenience wins out and I’ve wanted to try Dr. Praeger’s so I thought I’d give them a shot!


The burgers are individually wrapped which is convenient but not very green.


I liked that there were identifiable veggie pieces and they actually tasted like the zucchini patties that I make. It was hard to heat up without the patty breaking into pieces and the center never got totally firm but I think both of those things are due to the zucchini. You also need to blot a lot!

Overall I really liked the taste and would buy them again.


Next, it was time to hit the pavement in search of a birthday dress for this big ,day which is 1 month + 1 day away. My friends always give me a rough time if I buy anything black, it’s not that I only wear black but I do have an awful lot of black items.  However they don’t need to worry because I always want something bright and fun for my birthday.

I was pretty pumped when I found  a couple of teal dresses!

I thought the the top of this one was pretty fun but the rest of it did nothing for me :(


I liked this one but it would have been nice if it gave me more of a waist!


We wandered around a bit more, popping into shops and enjoying the beautiful weather.


The spring flower arrangements are out and they really brighten everything up!


I love tulips!


Eventually we found our way to the mothership Anthropology. I didn’t find a dress but I did pick up this super fun AND not black, birthday shirt. And yes, everything I buy for the next month will be justified as something birthday related ;)


I think this top is going to be fabulous for spring, its such a fun colour and can be paired up with just about anything from jeans to a pencil skirt and a sweater or blazer.

I also pick up a lovely teal bowl but I didn’t take a photo, I’m sure it will show up on here with some banana soft-serve soon enough!

Last stop was Whole Foods to stock up on goodies, including this little spinach/feta pastry that I enjoyed in the cafe.


And so ends a fabulous weekend, I hope yours was awesome too!



About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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  1. Kirsten says:

    Love the birthday top!

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