New restaurant, New Lulu’s and Sunshine!

It’s the weeeekend! It was so nice to wake up without an alarm to a sunny Saturday! You’ve got to appreciate the little things!

Speaking of little things. My favorite pair of Lulu’s got a wee hole in the back of the leg :’( I tweeted about it because I didn’t know how to fix them and @lululemon suggested I bring them in to the store.  I popped by today and the super helpful ladies at the store are going to send them out to get fixed! Awesome!!

While I was at Lulu I also wanted to try on some shorts since it’s heating up!

I ended up with these pretty babies,  Zoom knee shorts, which are going to be perfect for biking and running!


I love all my lulu’s but these babies have a few things that my other ones don’t, like the zippered pocket in the back and the continuous drawstring (seriously love this!!).


Plus they added a second “hidden” pocket to the waistband, love it, thanks guys! I was also pretty excited when the 8’s fit better than the 10’s, hello single digit land!


I’ll be taking these for a spin (literally) on Monday since my crops (with the mesh behind the knees, perfect for a sweaty spin class) will be MIA for a little bit… and, to be honest, I’m actually wearing them right now, just because they’re cute and I can! lol.

I also picked up a grippy headband that actually stays on my head, yipeee!


Happy girl!

I don’t shop a lot but when I do I got all out! Next stop was something I’ve been lusting after for years!!!

The coffee machine recently bit the dust and I have been dying for an espresso machine so I figure this was a great opportunity to get the best of both worlds, a combo esspresso/coffee maker! Unfortch my happiness may be short lived if I can’t find a permanent coffee filter that fits because I can’t justify going back to paper filters, it’s just not good for the earth. Fingers crossed I can find a different one that works!

All that shopping (and walking) made hungry so I popped into Kale, a new vegan restaurant that I’ve been wanting to try for months!!

Kale is a mostly organic, buffet-style restaurant that also serves fresh juice and ORGANIC coffee (with almond milk!!) The buffet-bar is separated into hot and cold and there are a variety of options and style of dishes.


I went for a take-out container so I could take 1/2 home and I was happy to see that the containers were eco-friendly!

I tried lentil shepherds pie, a squash perogie (made with spelt, steamed broc and Kale (when in Rome… when at Kale…), eggplant curry, seaweed rice noodles, and a veggie & spelt (I believe) pasta salad.


Where did that beet come from? I don’t really like them but I figured I could eat one since they’re so good for you!


Mmm, yummy squash p.rogue.


I was really impressed by the quality and taste of the food. Everything tasted very fresh, you could actually taste the flavours of the food instead of oil or salt and I loved everything I tried.

I usually stick to water but I went wild and crazy with a sparkling black cherry bev ;)


For dessert I had a raw banana ball (can you tell I can’t remember what it was called, bad blogger!).


Oh Em Gee. This was amazing! It was coconutty on the inside, had a great banana taste an was not chewy. If you go to Kale you must try this!

I think Kale has become my new go-to place! I’m looking forward to going back and trying more items, there was a lot that I didn’t get to try and and I hear that the food changes daily. I’m also looking forward to trying out the the coffee and juice bar! Yummy yummy in my tummy!


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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3 Responses to New restaurant, New Lulu’s and Sunshine!

  1. Kirsten says:

    Ooh! Love your new Lulus! I need to head there soon to pick up some spring gear!

    Is funny I live probably around 600 metres from Kale and have yet to visit! Must get there soon!

  2. I LOVE new lulu stuff! Yours look great!

    I want to try Kale, glad it sounds good!!


  3. Nienke says:

    Your new Lulu shorts are super cute!

    I need shorts with pockets, because I still tie my house key to my shoelaces when I run…. I guess it works?

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