Fun times in Chicago continued!

How are you enjoying Chicago so far?  Ready for part II, the wrap up? Go here if you missed part one and or here, for my Chi-town 5k race recap.

Between going to bed late and the time change (thanks Daylight savings time!) our wake up call for the race came very early Sunday morning, at least the rain finally stopped! Jules’ sister and brother-in-law had come into town for the race, so once we were done we caravanned back to Mel’s to shower and head to lunch.

We walked to a local Italian Deli but they were closed so we decided to go back to the Jefferson. J and I both ordered the pulled pork and everyone had waffle fries with their meals. Despite a scalding shower I was still cold from the run so I had green tea on the side.


I don’t even like BBQ sauce but for some reason I like pulled pork and the Jeffs special sauce turned out to be super yummy. I was starving and polished off everything on my plate but I was definitely stuffed afterwards, oy!

After lunch we were all still cold and tired so we stopped at Starbucks where I had a latte and green juice, I was really dragging! Despite being loaded on espresso J and I crashed when we got back to Mel’s. Apparently my body uses caffeine as a sleeping pill because I did the same thing at the Olympics (after 3 or 4 shots of espresso). Unfortunately J had to peace out way too soon following our nap :(

Mel and I weren’t very hungry but I was craving fruits/veggies so I suggested hitting up the grocery store where I loaded up a small container at the salad bar.


I also bought another green juice, a small package of crackers and Terra Chips, which were consumed later that night while Mel and I looked at photos from this year and watched the first episode of The Amazing Race. I know we’re behind but we were at the Olympics! Also, I realllllly want to be on TAR, they need to have a Canadian edition!

Monday was my  last day in Chi-town :( I was so excited to go to the Chicago French Market for lunch and it was pure bliss inside!


The Chicago French Market is located in a commuter station and just opened less than a year ago. The Market features a wide variety of vendors including gourmet bakers, local and/or organic produce, deli meats and artisinal cheeses.






You can also choose from a wide variety of eateries including Mexican, Belgium, Italian, Raw Vegan, Indian and Asian. The market was very clean and all of the vendors had very fresh and high quality products.

Frites from Frietkoten!


Pizza at Zullos!


We walked up and down the aisles before deciding on lunch and many places were offering samples.

A tasty cinnamon roasted nut…


…from Completely Nuts


I had a superb piece of Irish Soda Bread from the Necessity Baking Co. I so wanted to take some bread back with me but didn’t have room!



Zuchinni noodles with sauce and a veggie burger from Raw. This was delicious and I saw a lot of people eating food from Raw.


Mel and I both had fresh juice from Juicy Orange who make customizable fresh fruit and vegetable juices.


We both ordered the Special which contained Pineapple, Orange, Mango and Banana. The orange was freshly juiced in front of us and then blended with the remaining ingredients to make a juice smoothie.


For lunch I chose the Panino Di Prosciutto from Pastoral which came highly recommended by Mel. I have a bit of an obsession with high quality prosciutto, for my 21st birthday I actually received a huge supply of prosciutto from family friends who own an Italian deli/distribution company, I had so much I had to freeze it!

Back to the sandwich, beyond the prosciutto my sandwich was dressed with e.v. olive oil, field greens, black pepper and Podda di Sardinia (Sheep/Cow cheese from Italy).


All of the flavours worked together to create a very tasty sandwich. I found the bread just a tad too crusty but overall it was awesome!!! Two thumbs up!

I spotted macaroons at Vanille on our walk through the market and was intrigued by the Red Velvet flavour.


I love macaroons but it wasn’t until I found out Mel had never tried one (she’s been to France TWICE) that I knew we had to sample some!


I thought I tasted coconut and the center was not perfectly crisp but these tasty treats were a nice way to end our meal.

Our next stop was Trader Joes at my request. I was hoping to find some Barney Butter but no luck. I did hook Mel up with some raw Trader Joe’s almond butter which I hope she’s enjoying! I left with some mini chocolate chip PB cups and Lemon Curd which is too die for!!! My banana soft serve has now become a vessel for eating lemon curd, it’s so good!!

We walked around to make room for FREE Berry Chill that they were offering for their 1 year anniversary.


Since the weather was so nice we walked back to Mel’s where we had time for another Amazing Race episode before it was time to catch my flight.

Ciao until next time Chicago! Thanks for a fabulous weekend ladies :)


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I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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2 Responses to Fun times in Chicago continued!

  1. Mel says:

    There’s a new vendor opening today in the market, an artisanal pasta place with 100 different pastas. Come back so we can sample all 100 plz! ;-)

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