Brunch is Best!

Everyone loves weekends and this past weekend was pretty great. Sunday was especially sunny because Angela organized a local blogger brunch and, once I figured out I would be in town, I jumped on the meet up bandwagon. Great food and some fun ladies,  why not?


There ended up being  14 fantastic ladies for brunch at Fressen, a local vegan restaurant. There was a lot of fun conversations and interesting stories floating around while we brunched on delicious food. I love brunch, it makes the day feel so relaxed.

I was very unique in selecting the Avocado sandwich, I think only half the ladies ordered the same thing. Great minds right? Haha.


It’s not hard to see why so many of us ordered the same thing, it tasted as good as it looks. I liked all of the seeds in the bread and the “bacon” tempeh added a rich flavour. I would order the sandwich again but the next time I go too Fressen I’m ordering the the Scramble, Noelle was sweet enough to offer me a taste of hers and it rocked my socks a little bit!

Actually, all of the ladies rocked my socks a little bit, you should check them out, if you haven’t already!

  • Life after bagels
  • Julie Boyer
  • An Opera Singer in the kitchen
  • Kristin nibbles
  • Toronto workout
  • Revel
  • Training to live
  • Happy Go Lucky
  • Mediterranean miss
  • Oh She Glows (who I’m sure you already know and love!)
  •  I had to take off a little early to meet my mom at the Ballet. 


    Going to the ballet together has been a life long tradition for my mom and I and I was especially pumped for Sundays mixed program of three modern pieces because it included my favorite ballet, the Four Seasons. This ballet has to-die-for Choreography, fabulous costuming and set design with beautiful music. It’s simply an amazing work of art.

    I love the Four Seasons so much that I upgraded us to front row seats. Because we have been going to the Ballet for so long I’ve seen most ballets multiple times and I like to change things up by sitting in different areas to gain a new perspective.


    Our seats on Sunday were perfect for watching the pianist accompanying the first ballet , the cellist accompanying the second and the violinist (and string section) accompanying the third. Of course I didn’t just watch the musicians, all three ballets were fabulous as usual!

    If you’re curious about seeing one of the National Ballet’s performances and are between the ages of 16-29 you can buy tickets starting at 12am the day of the performance for just $25, that’s a steal! Visit Dancebreak to find out more. Maybe I’ll see you in the front row next time!

    Before the ballet we soaked up Vitamin D courtesy of mother nature and shared a delicious cookie Angela was sweet enough to bring for all the ladies at brunch.


    During the intermission we split a Glo bar, this was my moms first one and her reaction was off the charts. My mom is very particular when it comes to food and I rarely hear her rave about food, it takes a lot to impress her, but she could not stop gushing about the Glo bar. Of course I agree, I think they’re pretty fabulous myself, but her reaction still surprised me (she’s realllly particular).


    After the ballet we picked up some takeout from The Hot House to enjoy during the Oscar Red Carpet. I love their Frutti di Mare pizza, it’s pretty much the perfect pizza for me, thin crust, pesto sauce and seafood. No tomato’s on my pizza please!



    We went also split their cajun calamari. I had half the pizza and some of the calamari.


    It was delish and a fabulous way to wrap up a great weekend!


    About Christina @ Stars in the City

    I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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    2 Responses to Brunch is Best!

    1. Noelle says:

      WOWzers! You did a lot on that day! How fun to have a date with your mom! Mine is sooo far away in texas…makes me think of her. Thanks for a great post. I look forward reading more!

    2. Kirsten says:

      Wow you did pack a lot in that day! Funny on my way to brunch that day I went in to the National ballet to pick up their program as wanted to go!
      Was great meeting you last Sunday and hopefully I’ll catch up with you at Core sometime!

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