All my bags are packed – Vancouver bound

We went from this


to this


to this


and went from this


and this


plus this


to this


oh, and can’t forget these…


or these


All that’s left is to wait out a few more days, hop on a plane for Vancouver Thursday morning and have the time of my life.

I’m ready YO!


This might have been the easiest trip I’ve ever packed for, if it wasn’t red, white or olympic/canadian it didn’t make the cut. I’m even swapping my beloved grey purse for a Canadian pack.

I’m going to try to blog from Vancouver but I know that things are going to be crazy. I’ll check in when I can and put some pen to paper when I can’t.


Since I started writing this I’ve seen Alex Bilodeau receive his GOLD Medal and got teary eyed with the rest of the country over a song and a flag.

I watched Jeremy Wootherspoon, the most decorated speed skater of all time with 67 world cup medals, race in Short Track. He didn’t achieve that elusive Olympic gold but he gave it a good fight especially when you consider that he came back from a shattered arm last year.

Tonight was also time to SKATE!


The pairs long program was tonight and I was excited, wondering who would win gold and where the Canadians would end up. We’ve waited 4 years for this night and it’s finally here!

After some very well skated short programs I was pumped for tonight annnnd then the wind changed directions or something It was painful to watch team after team struggle through their programs and I began to wonder if the winner would be the one with the least amount of mistakes.

When Jess and Bryce hit the ice I still believed they could rock the house. They really came into their own this season with a rejuvenated love for their skating and beautiful programs. They got off to a good start with the opening element but unfortunately it was a bumpy road after that. There’s no shame in finishing 6th IN THE WORLD at the Olympics but it would have been nice to see them put down a solid skate they could enjoy in front of a home crowd.

We had to wait for the last two teams to take the ice before we saw well performed programs and I could not be more thrilled for Shen and Zhao, of all the teams at the top of the heap I’m glad they won! They have come a long way from 23rd in the world, through all kinds of obstacles, to reach this point. Good for them!

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I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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