Don’t stop dreaming! HAPPY OLYMPICS!

Are you feeling the Olympic Spirit yet?! The opening ceremonies are tonight and I for one have Olympic Fever, if it were a true condition I would probably have Malaria by now, that is how excited I am! My office is decorated in red & white and today my entire department dressed up in red & white Canada gear, it’s awesome and makes me so proud!

Words fail me when I try to describe what the Olympics and specifically these Olympics, in my country, mean to me. I have dreamed of the Olympics my entire life, I always wanted to be an Olympic Figure Skater and through every tough practice or workout I pretended I was training for, or competing in, the Olympics. Even now when I’m training (aka working out) I always push myself by visualizing being in an Olympic race and being the best I can be.

7 years ago Vancouver-Whistler bid for the Olympics and when they were awarded The Games I began planning to go, I knew I could not miss attending the Olympics in my country. I was 5 the last time the Olympics were in Canada and I’ve always wished I was there, I think that’s when my Olympic dream truly began and I love that a few years from now we’ll have athletes who started because they were inspired by these Olympics.

As my countdown clock ticks down (I’ll be in Vancouver in 6 days) the anticipation and happy tears keep flowing. I’m not sure I’ll truly believe I’m going until I get there.

Unless you share an Olympic dream you probably think it’s weird that I am so excited and emotional about going but I feel like attending The Games is going to be life changing, there’s going to be my life before The Games and the one after.

What I love about The Olympics is that it brings the world together. I love seeing the Canadian pride brought out in people but it’s so much bigger than that. Of course Gold Medals are exciting but each athlete has a story that touches your heart. The athlete that achieves a personal best (medal or not), the one for whom just making it to The Games was an impossible mountain to conquer, the one who overcame injury just to race, the one who is a pioneer for their country.

The Olympics are more than a sporting event to me, everyone associated with The Games has a story and I love them all. What makes them so special is how it brings the world together, for a few days people around the world are moved by the same event.  People from all over converge in a city to watch and volunteer. The Olympics showcase athletic feats but behind that is a world of workers, volunteers and spectators who make the event possible, it takes a village right?!

I’ll be seeing skating, curling and hockey and I’m so excited! Beyond the events I cannot wait to see other spectators from around the world, this trip is a dream come true and it’s going to be AMAZING!

My red and white gear, from luggage to clothing, is ready to go and I get chills seeing news coverage and photos from some of the skaters already there. It’s going to be a very busy trip but I will blog if I can and will be keeping a journal so at the very least I will re-cap afterwards.

I hope you all enjoy The Games!


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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