Everybodys working for the weekend!

I am definitely working for the weekend because I’m headed to Nationals on Friday!

Nationals is always a highlight but this year the competition will also decide which skaters represent Canada at the Olympics which is hella-exciting. It’s also a little bitter sweet because it’s probably one of the last time I’ll get to cheer on kids I grew up skating with. It’s going to be so sad when everyone from back in the day is retired but until them I can’t wait for this weekend, good skating, good friends and lots of good times. Can’t wait!!

While I’m working like a mad-woman and looking forward to the weekend lets time warp back to last weekend which was AWESOME!

Friday I checked out a Condo in my old condo building. I only lived their for a year and a half but I loved it there, it still feels like home. It was fun bumping into my old neighbours too!


My mom suggested going to dinner at our favourite sushi place and who am I to turn such an invitation down?

We have eaten at Sushi Kai so much that we got both our meals for free!

I got my usual Maki Dinnner with Spicy Salmon Rolls.




I did not leave hungry! IMG_8568


Saturday was SUPER fun! Four of us got together for lunch and some wedding dress shopping for our friend who is getting married in October.

Admiring the bling at lunch.


Two of my friends ordered wings and I had wing envy so I ordered them as well. Helen informed me that ordering honey garlic wings was ghey. Whatev, I love them!


Unfortch the wings weren’t that great, I ate a little bit of everything along with some green tea.


Before we hit the bridal stores we picked up reinforcement at Starbucks. I had a Soy, 1/2 sweet Caramel Latte.


Let the shopping commence!


We had such a fun day together and my friend is going to be a gorgeous bride, she looked amazing in everything she tried on!


We also got in on the fun and tried some veils and tiara’s on ourselves… ohh good times!


Sunday was pretty low key, I nibbled on random snacks and then went to the Sound of Music for the 2nd time. It was the last show and we had seats in row E which was awesome! The show, especially Elicia MacKenzie as Maria, is awesome and I wish I could see it 10 more times.

I actually met Elicia in November and she was so sweet! I’m looking forward to seeing her in Rock of Ages this spring but I wish I could see her in SOM over and over again!


Happy Hump Day!


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I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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One Response to Everybodys working for the weekend!

  1. alex says:

    that sushi looks a-MA-zing! I am so hungry now… Is this place downtown? I’m off to google it now… !

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