Winter Wonderland?

Sunday and my last day in Michigan came all too soon! We trekked out to Flushing to eat at the legendary Wing Garden. It has a long history with J’s friends but this was my first time and I was very excited.


Flushing is so cute, I love driving through ‘small town america’ it’s usually so cute,  I especially love Main street in anywhere USA.

All of us ordered the Cashew Chicken. It was pretty tasty and came with rice which I ate about 3/4 of.


I had mine with a water and spring rolls. The spring rolls were pretty much the usual but super hot, I had 1.


After that we hung out until I had to hit the road. Like a good Canadian Girl I stopped at Tim Hortons to get some caffeine.


It had been a beautiful sunny day so the drive was going well.  I made the first part of the trip in record time at which point I received a call from my mom asking if I was back in town yet because she and my grandmother were worried.

I figured they were just being overly concerned because it was dark out, that is until 20 minutes later when I hit a lot of blowing snow. It wasn’t too pleasant but I figured it would pass soon enough. Only it didn’t pass, it got worse and then they closed the highway.

I spent the next 2+ hours rolling down a country road in 2nd gear through white out conditions over black ice and snow along with everyone else who was trying to get home. Basically I felt like hell had frozen over and I was driving through it!

I thought about turning around or getting a hotel room but we there was no space to turn around and we were in the middle of nowhere.

At this point the girls and my mom had scouted out road conditions and hotels ahead of me and I decided/had to keep going until I reached somewhere to stop or the weather improved.

There were cars in the ditch everywhere and even though I was being careful you just never know what could happen so to be safe I threw on my jacket, scarf, gloves, winter boots and uhh tucked my cell into my bra so it wouldn’t go flying out of reach. I also closed the cover of the moon roof and as soon as I could I topped up my 1/2 tank of gas.

Thankfully I made it out of the white out eventually and got home safely. The whole trip took about 6.5 hours instead of the usual 4 but I’m just glad to be home safe and sound!

Some things to remember if you’re caught in bad weather:

– Keep your coat/gloves/boots etc. on
– Keep your cell phone accessible but secure so it won’t go flying, like in a pocket
– If you are able, top-up your gas
– If you get stuck or in an accident, stay in your vehicle
– If you’re stuck, crack a window to avoid carbon monoxide build-up (seriously)
– Keep a good distance between you and the car in front of you


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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One Response to Winter Wonderland?

  1. Casey says:

    Your pics are so pretty! Thanks for the bad weather tips!

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