I should be getting ready to get back to work tomorrow but reminiscing abut Christmas is more fun!

Our annual Christmas party has been tradition since long before I  was born. This years party was extra special because there is a new baby to celebrate and enjoy!

I used to be the baby so you can imagine that it has been a loooong time (aka 20-something years) since we’ve had a baby around, very exciting!!

Since it’s not my baby and to respect their privacy I’m not going to post any baby photos except for this sneak peak, isn’t the back of her head adorable?! LOL


When we were all younger it was tradition to decorate the tree during the party, with the youngest getting to put the angel on top. I used to take my job as the  angle topper very seriously! hehe


We don’t decorate the tree during the party anymore but we’ve continued the carol singing tradition, which is fun with a big group or just people who like singing in and out of the shower!

Onto the eats!

In recent years the party has been catered, making it a lot easier to host such a large group and we, the lucky attendees, get to feast on an amazing spread from Chef Treadwell, chef/owner of Treadwell Farm to Table . Like a lot of us food bloggies Farm to Table’s philosophy is to create delicious meals from local ingredients. You can be sure it’s always a treat to eat!

Hors Dourves included the following tasty morsels. I’m going on photos and memory so hopefully I get the descriptions mostly right!

Fresh gnocchi with blue cheese – amazing, it melted in my mouth!


Parsnip and apple soup with a cheese straw on the side – I have to admit, I wasn’t too sure about the parsnip but I’m so glad I tried it, it had a great flavour!


Mini quiche and side of gross bandaid anyone? The quiche was amazing, it was rich yet light and fluffy.


The bandaid? It was light but not fluffy; office supplies are very dangerous health hazards (at least around me!).

Lets move onto dinner.IMG_1500

Fresh bread, marinated grilled vegetables and salad.


Mushroom risotto

Scalloped potato bake.IMG_1481

Roasted veggies… we made quick work of plate #1


and then plate #2


Amazing glazed cedar plank trout and some lamb that was so delicious my camera ate the photo!


My plate, I had a little of everything. My favourites were the roasted veggies, lamb and trout. IMG_1475


The fun doesn’t stop there!

How about some mini ice cream cones? There were three flavours, kiwi, berry and caramel pecan mini cones. I had the caramel pecan x2.


An espresso, of course!


annnd a plate full of YUMM! IMG_1485

Dulce de leche, Creme Brullee (I had ‘original’ but there was also chocolate and ginger) and an apple tart/waffle.

I probably don’t need to say it but everything was delicious!

The Three Wise Men thought so too!


Hope everyone’s enjoying their holidays as much as I enjoyed this party!


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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