Championship Final: Christina vs. Food

Whew, the last 9 days have been an Olympic Eating match! What is that you might ask?! Well it’s a lot like a decathalon, you have to strategize your plan of attack, get through certain obstacles, conserve to make it through to the end and of course enjoy yourself!

I mentioned in my last post that the last week+ was going to be full of eating out but that I was ready, so how did I do? First, lets recap some of the eats from this week.

A week ago Saturday I visited my hometown, no trip there is complete without a trip to Valentino’s for Gelato (the best I’ve ever had!)…


I always get Zambaglione (Rum and Chocolate Chip)


Sunday my mom and I were off to see the ballet and stopped at a Thai restaurant for lunch. I was craving noodles so I ordered a curried noodle dish with shrimp.


Mmm, shrimp.


and hot sauce x2


I also had some authentic green tea (loose leaves and rice), it was divine!  IMG_8241

My mom had a red curry dish which I really liked… IMG_8236

Monday was a holiday potluck at work, sorry no photos! I brought my moms famous sweet potato casserole because it was a big hit last year.

I mainly stuck with the vegetarian dishes like my casserole, Asian stirfry, 1 samosa, crudites, salads, cocktail shrimp and 1 chicken wing. This was by choice and default because most of the meat dishes had beef. For desert I had fruit, 1 sugar cookie and later a tiny square of cake (who can resist custard filling?!).

Workout was a run and weight training. It was a great workout after such a big lunch but unfortunately my knees hated me for the run, they’re still bothering me :(

Tuesday we went to Lonestar for a friends birthday lunch, I had the chicken fajitas again (recycled photo)


and a nibble of the chips and salsa.


Tuesday night my friends had take-out before we went to see the newest Twilight movie… figuring I would be full from lunch and not wanting to eat out twice in one day I brought roasted zucchini and green peppers from home and they were delish!

Wednesday I didn’t eat out, thankfully (!!) but I did Jillian Michaels “Banish Fat and Boost Metabolism” DVD. I pushed hard the whole way and felt great afterwards.

Fast forward to Friday which kicked off with a Soy Caramel Brulee Latte from Starbucks. So good!


Saturday J showed up at my house with a Caramel Brulee latte to power us through much outdoor shopping. We stopped in for a late lunch at W Burger Bar.

W Burger Bar is a table-service burger place that has a wide range of (free) toppings and sauces to customize your burger with… and they don’t just carry beef burgers, they have everything from bison, lamb, turkey, chicken and salmon to veggie or portabello.

Every table is served veggies to start, we had this x2.


J and I split an order of Sweet Potato Fries


They were really good! We had them with a side of Homemade Spicy Ketchup (and ranch from the veggies).


I ordered the Portabello burger with sprouts, roasted red peppers and tomato. It was MASSIVE!


I had pickles and cucumber wasabi sauce on the side. I wasn’t sure if I would like the sauce so the server suggested getting it on the side. Happily I LOVED it and so did J, I slathered it on my burger and we both dipped SP fries in it.


After that we headed to the rink for some more skating, once that wrapped up we headed to Kelsey’s for a late dinner. I was still kind of full from lunch but I have been craving wings so I got a small order of Honey Garlic and they were delicious!!

After our late dinner we headed out to a club to dance dance dance for about 2 hours! I’m pretty sure I worked off all the wings especially since I didn’t have any drinks beyond 1 polar bear shot!

Sunday featured a trip to Le Gourmand, one of my favorite places to eat or have coffee (they have the most amazing foam I’ve ever had, no joke). The girls and I end up here often!

I started with a Soy Irish Cream Latte.


We were an hour to early for their dinner menu so I had the Proscuitto, Brie and Arugala sandwich which was fabulous as usual.


We then headed to Pusateri’s for their famous Red Velvet cupcakes but they were out!! Oh the horror!

Luckily everything there is amazing, I settled on a Chocolate Butter Cream cupcake instead. Yum, I love cupcakes!



The eating fest  continued with breafast in my building this morning…


I loaded up with lots of fruit, a cookie, mini croissant, danish bite ( I only had a small nibble) and mini egg salad sandich (I ate 1/2 the bun and all the filling, it was mayo-free which rocked!). This doubled as breakfast and lunch with the addition of some carrot sticks from the uneated lunch I packed.

Any there you have the last 9 crazy days of eating out tooo much.

Did my plan to eat out without going overboard work? Well I hopped on the scale this morning and I was down 1 pound so I would say YES!

When I wrote out my plan I missed 2 key things, not snacking and drinking a lot of water (and unsweetened tea in my case).

I hope you have just as much luck getting through the holidays as I did this week… you can do it!



About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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