Eating out without going overboard!

Oh my, am I ever full! I feel like I need to go on an after T-day detox and our Thanksgiving was way back in October!

This week is the week of eating out, it’s CRAZY! Sunday we went out for Thai food (delicious!), Monday was a holiday potluck (at work), today we had lunch out for a friends birthday and I have dinner & a movie plans tonight! There’s also going to be a lot of eating out this weekend.


Don’t worry! I have a plan so that I don’t end up stuffed like a T-day turkey!

–          Eat plants. I mainly eat vegetarian at home but will have meat when I eat out… since I’m eating out so often I’m going to stick to mostly vegetarian or seafood options which tend to be lighter.

–          Keep it moving. I hit the gym hard last night, going on my first run in a few weeks (my knee is still sore :/) and did a lot of weights. It felt great to get moving after sitting through a 5 hours meeting + potluck.

–          Calorie balance/listen to your body. One of the nutrition books I read recently was discussing the lack of calorie balancing in reference to the Obesity epidemic – when we eat a large meal we don’t account for that out by reducing the calorie density of the rest of the days food. It seems so simple  but the way it was written was brilliant (and I just butchered it, sorry!)… anyway, since I’ve become better at intuitive eating I actually listen to my body and don’t eat just because it’s a meal time or someone’s offering me a treat. It’s been so neat to realize how amazing my body is when I let it do its thing…

 Yesterday our potluck lunch didn’t finish until 2pm and after having seconds plus desert (late in the afternoon) I never got hungry for dinner. I am not advocating skipping meals at all (just want to make that clear) but I just was just not hungry  for a meal – I ended up having a Clementine and water but that’s it (Other times I would have done raw veggies and hummus or fruit)…My body didn’t want anything else so I listened, amazing how simple that was after all the struggles I’ve had with food in the past.

 –          Plan to be on track. The rest of my meals for the week will be “lighter”, mainly vegetarian and I actually brought tonight’s dinner with me. We’re getting take out before the movie but I knew that after lunch today I wouldn’t want to eat a big meal (and saving money is always good). Instead I packed some roasted zucchini/green pepper and an apple. If I’m hungry for a treat at the movie I packed a Clif Mojo Bar.

 –          Don’t deprive yourself. All of the choices I’m making about what to eat this week are from listening to my body. Yesterday I had cake after lunch but today I’m bringing my own snack to the movies, it’s just what I feel like – not because of any diet or weight worries. Make a point to be aware of what/how much you’re eating and how you feel – if you’re full but can’t resist the Christmas cookie a coworker offers then take it home and eat it later. If you eat dessert, so what?! Just don’t keep eating desert with every meal – whether you’re trying to lose weight or not, or celebrating a holiday or special event enjoy it at the time and then get back to your regular eating habits the next meal or day.


About Christina @ Stars in the City

I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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2 Responses to Eating out without going overboard!

  1. great tips!

    I just found your blog and wanted to say hi! ;)

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