100 Days until the Olympics & Halloween!

I am SO excited there are only 100 days until the Olympics, I’ve been counting down for years and now we’re finally in the home stretch. Today is also the first day of red holiday cups at Starbucks, very exciting for dorks like me who love the red cups. I think I’ll treat myself to a traditional Peppermint Mocha this Friday.

Halloween weekend was a blast!

My group won 2nd place in the Halloween contest at work (behind people dressed up as one of our biggest products, suck ups lol). We’re going to use our winnings to buy ourselves lunch.


(sorry for the crappy photo, all the other ones are on my friends camera)


We had a lot of spirit and did aerobics for the entire voting period basically embarrassing ourselves in front of our colleagues, but it was a blast!

This was a great way to show our team spirit. We all “work together” in that we have the same positions but we don’t actually work with each other because we work on different portfolio’s, it was good to show everyone that we’re a team anyway.

I kept the same outfit for a friends party on Saturday night which was a lot of fun.


All I can say is thank goodness for daylight savings time, I needed the extra hour of sleep because Sunday was jam packed!

My mom and I went to see the play ‘The Boys in the Photograph’ and stopped for lunch beforehand. We randomly ended up at Elephant & Castle, not what we planned but it was okay. I had a chicken wrap with sweet potato fries.


After the show I hustled to my friends condo to help with sign making. We’ve spent the last 5 weeks of Sunday and Monday nights at Battle of the Blades, a show like Dancing with the Stars only the couples are Figure Skaters matched with former hockey players. It’s been a blast and this week we went all out and made t-shirts, signs and donned blonde wigs in support of Shae, one of the competitors… Don’t worry, she was warned in advance of the mayhem that was about to happen.

We are ridiculous!


After the show the four of us posed with Shae (hopefully I’ll get the photos soon!) and had requests from others to put the wigs back on and photo with people… which we had no problem with ;-)


It was a fabulous weekend!

Don’t forget that Remembrance Day is coming up on November 11th, pick up a poppy and your donation will go to caring for our veterans, a very worthy cause!


Peace OUT!


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I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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