Pumpkin Bites

Last night I baked these beauties for a bake sale at work. Pumpkin Bites!


Iowa Girl Eats posted about them and I instantly knew I had to make them. Recipe here.

I haven’t had any pumkpin pie this year (Canadian thanksgiving already passed) and I’ve been craving something with a pumpkin flavour. I made a few substitutions because I didn’t have eggs so I used flax+water and applesauce instead of oil. The batter was irresistable so I was glad there was no raw egg and I could lick the bowl.




Aren’t they cute?! They taste fabulous and were one of the first things to sell out. I was super happy that people enjoyed them and were asking for the recipe.

Bake sales are pretty tempting aren’t they?! This one was no exception, there were sooooo many fabulous goodies but I was full from lunch and sampling my baking from the night before so I didn’t get anything ( I did have a bite of a friends cookie).

I’m only throwing that out there because the old me would have bought something whether or not I was hungry. Why? Because I needed an ‘excuse’ to eat treats and took the opportunities that arose. Now that I have a healthier relationship with food I didn’t need anything because I know that if I really want a treat I can have it. This didn’t happen overnight, it’s taken me a long time to even remotely eat intuitively and I’m still learning… if you happen to stumble on this and you don’t have a healthy relationship with food just know that it is possible to change.

Anyway, on with my night… I’ve been having knee pain for a little while. My knees felt ok when I first started running in the summer and then 2 weeks ago I took my run outside to enjoy the weather, figuring my knees could handle it and maybe they could have if I hadn’t forgotten my knee straps (waaaay bad)… Yeah that was not a good day for me. I’ve been icing my knees, always wearing my knee straps, only running on the treadmill, avoiding heels and resting when I need to and then I did the elliptical last Friday and still felt discomfort. I’ve done the elliptical for years without problems so that was not cool. I’ve run twice since then and decided that I would change it up a little tonight and dusted off my copy of the Shred after seeing it on nono2yoyo. If you’ve done The Shred you know it’s not necessarily knee friendly, but my rational was that I could modify the routine as needed and you can’t do that when you’re running. I did Level 2 and feel nice and strong, it’s always fun watching the sweat beads fly off you when you’re doing the cardio portion hehehe!

Dinner looked like this:


Sabra roasted red pepper hummus, grape tomato’s, carrots, orange pepper and cucumber.

I also had unsweetened apple sauce with cinnamon on the side.


I had a pretty good lunch so this was all I needed. Lunch was a chickpea patty sandwich, hummus + veggies and a pumpkin bite. Delicious!!

Go on with your fabulous selves!


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I like sun, sand, surf, tunes and vegan mac ‘n cheese with bacon. Oh, and sarcasm.
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